I am currently taking a ten-day virtual vacation with Robyn Youkilis and Your Healthiest You.  Each day for ten days my vacation “assignment” arrives in my inbox.  And these are assignments that you actually look forward to! The first assignment was to write a promise list to myself about what I promised to uphold over the ten-day vacation.  You can read Robyn’s list here for inspiration.

Here is my promise list!

1. I promise to be more positive. Maybe I’m sitting in crazy traffic but instead of twitching with anger, I’m going to look on the bright side:  I’m listing to my favorite songs, the temperature is just right and I have time to think.

2. I promise to let go. I’m Seriously Serious Stephanie most days. I want to have more fun and let more spontaneity in my life.

3. I promise to go to bed earlier. This girl needs some sleep! I have an early wake-up call during the week and don’t give myself permission to get the rest that my body and mind desperately need.

4. I promise feel more (borrowing this one from Robyn – thanks for the inspiration!). I often feel like I have more to-do items than I have time. In an attempt to fit it all in, I rush through life. I want to be more present and feel life as it is happening.

5. I promise to focus on healthy eating. I just finished the two-week Be Well Cleanse from Dr. Frank Lipman and I want to stay on track with the eating plan. It is tempting to load up on pancakes, coffee, pizza, and pasta but I feel better when I’m eating a dairy, gluten and sugar free diet.

Thank you, Robyn, for the #‎YHYVirtualVacation‬ and challenging me to make (and follow!) my promise list.  Here’s to being my healthiest me!!  You can join the party here and follow Robyn @robynyoukilis.

What’s on your promise list?