I’ve been sitting with my MacBook in my lap for hours drafting and deleting blog posts. There are days when I wake up and know exactly what I want to blog about. No such luck today – I just can’t seem to find my voice.

Confession time – I totally got sidetracked by this gem when I was flipping through the channels earlier:

Aside from a little 90210, I found myself stopping by all of my favorite blogs tonight. And I realized that I was finding major inspiration in their words. I thought I would share the wealth with you and introduce you to some great sites.

Healthy Crush by Jenny Sansouci
I love Jenny’s blog – her posts are real, passionate, and I always learn something new. Her post today Comparing Yourself to Others: Why It’s The Furthest Thing From Reality is fantastic. It is an important reminder that we spend too much time and energy comparing ourselves to others. And it was the perfect post for me to read when I was stressing myself out about not having a great blog post idea and comparing myself to the bloggers that I follow. Jenny’s post allowed me to look at these thoughts and acknowledge that they aren’t based on anything but my perception.

The thing is — what you’re actually comparing yourself to is NOT REALITY, it’s a reality you’re making up about someone. It’s a story you’ve created, largely based on your own internal experience. ~Jenny Sansouci

The Wellness Warrior by Jess Ainscough
I recently discovered The Wellness Warrior and I’m enjoying Jess’ blog. I look forward to receiving her posts in my inbox because they always include beautiful, positive affirmations.

The Wellness Warrior's Positive Affirmation for the day.
The Wellness Warrior’s Positive Affirmation

I connected to today’s post, “Let Your Gut Tell You What To Eat” and affirmation. An important part of my road to wellness has been listening to my body and feeding it what it truly needs and cutting out what it doesn’t need. (AKA-no dairy and no coffee.) I don’t get it right all of the time. Tonight I thought I was listening when I heard “Eat vegan nachos. Eat them now.” So I did. And now I feel sluggish and…to be honest…gross. My body didn’t really want or need a plate full of salty chips and bubbly Daiya cheese. (Cue the water.) My mind did. My body really wanted a colorful and cold salad but I was too lazy. Jess’ tips for eating intuitively came at the perfect time. And tomorrow I’ll be having that colorful salad!

HealthGeekChic by Megan McGrane
I’m a loyal reader of Megan’s blog and highly recommend it. Megan’s recent posts about her experience with Dr. Frank Lipman’s Be Well Cleanse and her Paleo journey have been inspirational. Megan’s been able to take control on her health and wellness and I admire her commitment and tenacity. And she was so helpful during my Be Well Cleanse and gave me great guidance.

This Rawsome Vegan Life by Emily von Euw
This is my newest blog discovery and it was love at first sight! I want to eat everything on Emily’s site. Every photograph looks more delectable than the one before and are totally drool-inducing. She recently posted a recipe for blueberry tarts and Oh. Boy. I need to eat them NOW.

Blueberry Tarts For Two from This Rawsome Vegan Life
Blueberry Tarts For Two from This Rawsome Vegan Life

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Weekly Vlogs
I always find inspiration is Gabby’s weekly vlogs. Earlier tonight I took a trip down Spirit Junkie memory lane and watched video after video. Some of my faves were: How to Release a Baditude, How I Got Off Coffee, and Change Is Easy, When You Really Want It.

I hope you find inspiration in these blogs and have a fantastic week!