I have a lifetime ticket for the express train to crazytown. Seriously. I may look calm and quiet [and strive to be]. But I can go from zen to fury in a millisecond. And, unfortunately, that has been my default for so many years that it’s a hard habit to break.

So I meditate. I meditate to stay out of crazytown. I meditate to get out of crazytown when I find myself wandering the streets, confused and not quite sure how I got there.

Simply, I meditate to calm the eff down.

A regular meditation practice gives me the few extra seconds that I need to breathe instead of freaking out. It creates space between me and the chaos. And even an irregular meditation practice can stop a freak out in its tracks.

Getting started

I shared my simple tips to starting a meditation practice.
Gabby Bernstein created a great beginners guide to meditation.
Bex shares four misconceptions about meditation. I hear #2 all. of. the. time.

My favorite meditations

I swear by this Kundalini meditation for irrationality. Whenever I find myself in crazytown more often than not, I practice this meditation for 40 days.
Sat Kriya is an amazing Kundalini meditation. It’s literally called the “everything kriya” because it’s a go-to meditation for whatever you need.
This meditation for strength and stamina is fantastic.
This meditation for sleep is my go-to!

Monthly meditation classes

I teach monthly meditation classes at Shush Yoga in Hollis, NH. Check my events page for the next class!