This is my first WIAW post!

I started the day with my usual smoothie.  Hey, don’t judge a smoothie by its color!  The combination of spinach and blueberries isn’t the prettiest but it sure is the tastiest!

Blueberry Protein Smoothie

Blueberry Protein Smoothie
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 banana
1 scoop Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder
1 tablespoon raw cacao
1 tablespoon coconut
1 large handful organic spinach
Sprinkle of cinnamon

I was working from home today so I had the chance to make lunch.

Steam veggies, quinoa and avocado
1/2 cup quinoa cooked with 1 cup vegetable broth (follow the package directions)
Seasoned with cumin, lime juice and olive oil

Steam baby carrots and one parsnip for 15 minutes
Add dark greens (I used a mixture of baby kale, chards, collards, and spinach) and continue steaming for 5 minutes
Season with cumin, cayenne, garlic, and olive oil
Mash 1/2 an avocado for some healthy (and delicious) fat

I made Your Healthiest You Protein Pancakes for dinner.  I found the recipe on HealthyCrush and it was created by my health coach, Robyn Youkilis.  They were super filling and totally satisfied my pancake craving.  I topped my pancakes with shredded coconut, banana and pure maple syrup.

I’ll be closing out my day with my usual Yogi tea.

What did you eat today?