Healthy habits don’t need to be so complicated.  All you need to do to feel better today is just get started.

I want you to document a week in your life without making any changes: when you go to bed and wake up, what you drink and when, what you eat and when, meditation, how much exercise you get, what you do for fun.  How do you feel throughout the day?  Now organize your habits into two lists – makes you feel great, makes you feel meh.

Choose your top two or three things from the “great” list and make these your non-negotiables.  These are the things that you commit to doing daily, no matter what.  Be sure to be realistic in your selections.  Sure, you feel great when you workout for 90 minutes but if that doesn’t fit into your daily routine, don’t make 90 minutes of activity your non-negotiable.  Maybe daily movement becomes the standard.  Treat your non-negotiables with the same level of importance that your treat work or personal commitments.  Schedule them in your calendar and be sure to do them daily.  Everything else will be fluid and come in and out but you’ll always come back to these habits.

My non-negotiables are meditation and water.  When I meditate daily I feel calm and centered, my day seems to flow, and I’m able to handle whatever comes my way.  When I don’t meditate I feel depleted, stuck, sluggish, and jumbled.  So I make sure that I meditate daily.  Sometimes it’s 20 minutes on my meditation pillow in front of my alter, sometimes it’s at my desk at work on my lunch break, in the car when I’m early for an appointment, or one minute of breathing before I get out of bed.  It looks different everyday because I make it work for my life in the moment.  But no matter how it looks, it happens.  The same is true with water.  I set out my giant glass of water before bed and don’t even need to think about it in the morning – it just happens.

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