wellness products

In the kitchen

Blender: I love my Blendtec blender but you also can’t go wrong with the Vitamix. The one difference is the Vitamix has a tamper which can be helpful if you’re blending super think smoothies or nut butters.
Water bottle: My only requirement for a water bottle? Glass or stainless steel. NO PLASTIC (even BPA free)! A few of my favorites are bkr, S’well, Lifefactory, or simple mason jars.
Storage containers: Again, NO PLASTIC! I’ve tried several glass storage containers and these are the best.
Spiralizer: I love the Inspiralizer or a simple julienne peeler.
Gluten-free bread: This gluten-free sourdough is the BEST. It makes an amazing BLT with Primal Kitchen mayo!
Paleo products: Anything Primal Kitchen but especially the avocado oilmayo, ranch + greek dressing. Tessemae’s dressings – I could drink the buffalo sauce. Nutpods for dairy-free creamers. Siete for grain-free tortilla chips and wraps (available in Whole Foods). Jackson’s Honest potato chips. [I have so many more paleo favorites so I am working on a paleo quick-start guide for you!]

Superfoods + supplements

Smoothie boosts: I always add raw cacao, maca, glutamine, vitamin D + goji berries to my smoothies.
Probiotic: I’m on a super strong probiotic that my naturopath prescribed but I recommend Be Well.
Vitamins: I recommend Nutreince or SmartyPants.
Iron rich foods: Blackstrap molasses, pumpkin seeds + mulberries.
B12: Liver really is the best when you need to boost your B12. I’ve found these capsules + Epic bites to be the most palatable.
Protein powder: I use Vital Proteins collagen peptides for protein in my smoothie. I also add a scoop to tea, soups + baked goods. For a vegan protein powder I recommend this brand.
Protein bars: I love the bison bar from Epic and RX bars.

Self-care + skincare

Face wash: I alternate between oil cleansing with Good Medicine Beauty Lab and using a bar soap from SkinOwl.
Toner: You can easily make your own toner but I’m too lazy for that so I use this one from Good Medicine.
Moisturizer: I use SkinOwl beauty drops (lavender in the morning + mangosteen at night) mixed with this natural moisturizer.
Dry brush: Dry brushing is a detox super tip and I use this one because the brush detaches from the handle.
Spoonk mat: I swear by this mat whenever I have a migraine or tight muscles in my back. I also spend 15-30 minutes on it before bed and fall asleep faster + sleep better.
Yoga mat: I’ve used a Jade yoga mat for years and it’s still like new.
Essential oils: I use oils for everything from perfume, to create safe cleaning products, to immunity support + more. Find out more about the only oils I trust + the ones that I use every single day.

There’s an app for that

Meditation: I’ll be honest. I mostly use Spotify for meditation and create custom playlists. A great meditation app is Insight Timer.
Affirmations: I have more affirmation apps on my phone than any other category. What can I say, this girl likes her affirmations. My favorites are Spirit Junkie (obv), #Truthbomb + Archangel Michael.
Creating images: I get asked all the time what apps I use for my photos or word art. For apps I love WordSwag, VSCO + A Beautiful Mess. On my computer I live for Canva + Picmonkey (I get by with the free versions of both).
Random: I use this app to check for new and full moons, this app for the energy in specific crystals + this app when my brain just needs a little break.

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