Last week I got home late from work, hungry, and without a plan for dinner.  I opened the refrigerator and to my horror discovered that I had no fresh vegetables.  The kale was slimy, my avocado was brown, and I didn’t even have garlic.  After standing with the refrigerator door open staring into the abyss, I pulled it together and whipped up a meal from my freezer.  Yes, my freezer!  I keep a stash of frozen organic kale for “kale emergencies” and this definitely fit the bill.


My frozen dinner
-frozen kale
-frozen broccoli
-frozen roasted sweet potato
-baby spinach
-1/2 jalapeño pepper, finely chopped
-1 pasture raised organic egg

Sauté kale, broccoli, spinach, and jalapeño in olive oil with salt and pepper.
Heat sweet potatoes according to package directions.
Fry one egg in coconut or olive oil.

Layer greens and sweet potato and top with fried egg.  I sprinkled some fresh parsley that I rescued from the bunch that was about to go bad.

What are some of your favorite “use what you have” meal moments?