Weekly Wellness Wrap-up

Here’s the wellness wonders I’m loving lately:

Wondering what the gratitude hype is all about?

This post from Dr. Rosen on MindBodyGreen outlines five reasons why gratitude is good for you.  Being grateful isn’t just about being a nice person, it actually improves your health!

Sweet potato smoothie – yes, please!

I love all things sweet potato.  I’ve had sweet potatoes for breakfast (baked sweet potato with almond butter and roasted/mashed sweet potato with banana, coconut butter, and cinnamon) but never thought to make a smoothie…until now.


Stressed out about the holiday season?

This time of year can be such an emotional roller coaster.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  You can find your inner peace while waiting in a line at the mall or baking your fifth batch of cookies.  Megan from HealthGeekChic wrote a beautiful post this week about being present this holiday season.

“If you find yourself feeling the stress this holiday season just think: You are EXACTLY where you need to be.” ~Megan McGrane, HealthGeekChic

My current mantra

~Yogi Bhajan