Weekly Wellness Wrap-up

I hope that you had an inspired and energized week!  My wrap-up this week is all about holiday food.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been spending way too much time stressing over holiday treats and meals lately.  I’ve always loved holiday meals but, sadly, they haven’t always loved me back.  I look forward to the meal (Thanksgiving in particular) for days weeks in advance, race through the meal, go back for more and more, and walk away from the table feeling sick and upset with myself.  Over the past year I’ve completely shifted my approach to food and eliminated many items there just weren’t serving me.  And on a typical day I’m totally in control of my food choices and so happy with them.  But the thought of sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner this week has sent me spinning.  And the universe responded in a big way.  My inbox has been filled with beautiful and inspiring blogs, vlogs, mantras, and recipes to help me enjoy the holiday season and I’m grateful for the support!

Surviving Thanksgiving: Paleo Style

I love food – especially the comfort foods of the holidays.  Casseroles, buttery mashed potatoes, crescent roles, stuffing, cakes, and pies.  Yum.  This will be my first Thanksgiving without dairy, gluten, or refined sugars and I’ve been mourning the loss of my Thanksgiving favorites.  I was excited to see this post from Well+Good NYC with three tips for a paleo Thanksgiving.  The suggestions are simple and sound delicious.

How To Handle Holiday Food Freakout

This post from Heather Waxman was a gift!  Heather outlines the steps to take before, during, and after the meal to check in with yourself and stay true to your desires.  I appreciated her reminder that it’s okay to freak out and her tools for moving past the freakout.  She also included this gorgeous mealtime mantra that I plan to use:

The Spirit Junkie Approach

Of course, Gabrielle Bernstein has my back!  Her vlog this week, Spirit Junkie Tips to Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving, is fantastic.  I love her suggestion of visualizing the meal while in meditation right before dinner.

Healthy Cooking Camp’s Thanksgiving Menu

The lovely ladies at Healthy Cooking Camp have planned a delicious and healthy Thanksgiving meal for us!  I’m excited to make their gluten-free quinoa stuffing and cranberry citrus (awesome) sauce.  I might even give brussels sprouts another chance!

I hope these resources guide you to a wonderful and relaxing holiday meal!