Weekly Wellness Wrap-up

I’ve had another inspiring week devouring all things wellness!

Stressed?  Do you have one minute?

(The answer is YES!)  Heather Waxman shared a great 1-minute meditation this week to help lower anxiety and beat stress.  As I’ve said many times, I really believe that one minute of meditation a day can drastically change your life.  Heather’s meditation is a great tool to add to your wellness toolbox and I encourage you to use pull it out whenever you’re feeling stress creep in!

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/117949355″ iframe=”true” /]



A great kickstarter launched on Monday for MyYogaPro and the it was funded within 7 hours!  MyYogaPro is an online, social yoga community.  The site will include yoga classes, in-depth courses, a personal dashboard to track your progress, and the ability to connect with your yogis around the world and practice together!  This project was born out of the success of the 30 day yoga challenge created by Erin Motz and will allow you to take your yoga practice anywhere!  You can join the kickstarter until December and get an amazing deal on a lifetime pass!

Sabotaged by Snacks!

Did you have one too many Reese’s peanut butter cups on Halloween or that massive blueberry muffin during your staff meeting this week?  Sugar sneaks in and tries to take us down.  Robyn Youkilis from Your Healthiest You and The Rockstar Roadmap shared three tips for taking control of sugar cravings on her blog this week.  I follow Robyn’s advice and keep healthy snacks that I like everywhere so when the cravings hit I’m ready with my almonds, dark chocolate, apples, and almond butter.

Do you want to meditate with Oprah?

Obviously!  Oprah and Deepak Chopra are offering a FREE three-week Desire and Destiny meditation challenge that begins on November 11.  Their program offers new guided meditations daily for 21 days and the ability for online journaling each day.  I’ve participated in a previous 21-day meditation challenge and it was fantastic!  I hope you’ll join me!  (It’s FREE and OPRAH!!)


Have a well week and I’ll be back next week with another wrap-up!