I was recently reminded of this incredible quote from one of my favorite books, Eat, Pray, Love:


I love everything about this quote. It is such a powerful reminder of how simple it can be to choose light over darkness, happiness over worry, and love over fear. It can be as simple as crossing the street.

Next time you are on the express train to crazytown remember this quote and try a little visualization technique. Picture yourself walking down the street. The side you’re walking on is a chaotic, dark, loud, city street. The other side of the street is bright, quiet, and peaceful. The only thing that separates you from that peace is simply walking toward it.

It’s in our nature to see obstacles that aren’t there – roadblocks and traffic preventing us from crossing the street to walk in the sunshine. I can’t be healthy because ____. I’ll be happy when ____. I like to envision that I am sidestepping these potholes as I walk across the street. If you’re not paying attention you can easily fall in and get stuck in the negativity.

Happiness is a choice. But it is also work. I once heard Gabby say that she chose to work her happiness like a full-time job. It is much easier to default into the chaos if we’ve been living in the chaos. It is comfortable and we can do it with auto-pilot on. But choosing a new path takes effort. It takes not only the decision to do so but also action. You can see that peaceful, sunny side of the street and decide that you’d like to be over there yet never take the steps to actually get there.

Here’s to walking in the sunshine!