I was ready.

I warmed up the room by sitting and meditating.  Mantra music was playing in the background.  I had affirmation cards on all of the chairs.  I picked out and practiced the most amazing meditations for the night.

I was excited.  And I was having an amazing hair day —> see?

I had been wanting to get out there and teach for months and months.  But I was scared.  I felt unprepared.  I believed that I wasn’t qualified.  I was terrified to fail.

I wasn’t nervous to speak in public.  I was mostly nervous that no one was going to show up.

But during a meditation at Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I saw myself giving this workshop.  I saw the title written on a flyer, I saw my outfit, and I saw the room filled with people.  I decided to take this vision seriously because it was so vivid and felt so real.  On the train ride home from Masterclass, I reached out to my local library and offered to teach free workshops.  And then people actually signed up.

Once I knew that people were coming, I felt the pressure release.  I love sharing all things health, spirituality, and wellness related so I was pumped to offer my first workshop as a coach.

I sat in the room waiting for everyone to arrive and felt a moment of pure peace.  And that was followed up instantly by pure terror.  It was already 6:50pm and I was scheduled to begin at 7pm…and no one had arrived.

OMG – my worst fear {no one showing up} was actually happening.  Truthfully, it took every ounce of strength I could muster not to cry.  I started sweating.  I got really hot and knew that I was extremely pale with red cheeks.  It wasn’t a good scene.

People had to show up right?  I mean, they signed up?!  Maybe they’re just late.

So I waited.  And I waited.  I had announced to everyone that I was having my first workshop.  I had even written my mentor in excitement and now I faced the embarrassment of having to let her know that no one came.  At 7:01pm I was about to pack up all of the amazing affirmation cards and snacks that I brought when a frazzled woman came running in.

“I didn’t miss it, did I?”  She looked around the room and asked if she was in the right place.  She was there for the healthy cooking class.  Right teacher.  Wrong day.  I was offering a healthy cooking class in a month.  I told her what the topic was supposed to be for this session and that I understood if she didn’t want to stay.  Her response:

“You know, I think I’m meant to be here now.”

For the next hour we sat together and I offered her a private coaching session.  My outline was irrelevant.  My plan didn’t matter.  And her plan didn’t matter.

As we were walking out at the end of the session the woman hugged me and told me that she felt like her life had just changed and she knew that this was the session she needed to be at.  In that moment I became a teacher.  It was no longer about me.  My disappointment and embarrassment that only one person came melted away.  My ego was silenced.  And my commitment to serve was set in stone.  I learned what it truly meant to be of service.

To teach is to learn.

I realized as I drove home that night that it actually didn’t matter if anyone showed up…because I did.  I stepped up and showed up for myself and for the world.  I committed to be of service.  And I decided that I was good enough.  I had something of value to offer.

This moment helped me realize that confidence comes by doing.  And helping even one person is enough.  Someday my workshops will sell out and my coaching roster will have a waiting list.  Until then, I can still make a difference and honor my commitment to myself, to you, and to the world.

Shine on bright ones!