I am completely obsessed with the fact that spirituality is stepping out from the shadows more and more these days. But with the light comes some dark. I’ve seen so much judgment and separation popping up around spirituality. Ideas about what makes someone spiritual or not or what spirituality implies.

All kidding aside, being spiritual isn’t about green juice, lululemon, rose quartz, mala beads, altars, or patchouli. And it’s certainly not about judgment and separation.

Spirituality is about a connection to something larger than ourselves and the understanding that we are all one.

Spirituality isn’t about things – it’s about being. It’s about your thoughts and the actions that come from your thoughts. Listen – you can drink gallons of green juice, do yoga every damn day and still be judgmental and hateful. And you can watch The Real Housewives, drink wine and see through the lens of love.

In an effort to be the right kind of spiritual, there is a tendency to accumulate all of the right things. Once we have the shiniest crystals, saged our house, created the most zen altar, and ordered all of the right books we can be spiritual. But spirituality is free. You don’t need a meditation pillow or a turban. You don’t need a guru. All you need is a willingness to choose love over fear – over hate – over chaos. Again and again and again.

You don’t need to wait until tomorrow, next week, next month or January 1st to get started with spirituality. You don’t need to read all of A Course in Miracles. (I still haven’t.) You don’t need to travel to Bali or an ashram. You don’t need to go on a retreat in the desert. All you need is to get quiet. Go for a walk in nature. Breathe. 

Stop trying to be the version of spiritual that you see in yoga class or on Super Soul Sunday and start being your version of spiritual. Find the practices that feel good to you. Listen to people – really listen. And allow their experience to be as true to you as your own experience. Show up and be of service in some way that is uniquely you. Learn to trust your gut.

What does spirituality look like for you?