I just had a fantastic trip to NYC and this happened:

I'm at the Bethenny show!!
I’m at the Bethenny show!!

I’ll be able to share my experience after the show airs tomorrow so set your DVR and look for me in the audience!

I had an inspiring session with my rockstar health coach, Robyn Youkilis, when I was in New York.  Robyn launched her new program – The Rockstar Roadmap – on Friday.  It’s a six-week virtual health coaching program and looks AMAZING!


Robyn is a life changer!  Her style is approachable, straight forward, realistic, and authentic.  She talks the talk and walks the walk.  Robyn understands your struggles, shares your dreams and cheers you on every step of the way!  The Rockstar Roadmap is a virtual program so you can work through it on your own time, in your own way.  You’ll also have weekly lectures from Robyn to get your questions answered and benefit from the support of a private Facebook group.


The program covers:
Week 1: Digestion – Why Is My Belly So Big?
Week 2: Meditation and Self-Care – Let’s All Take a Breather
Week 3: Mindful Eating – Slow the Eff Down
Week 4: Cravings – Our Favorite Frenemy
Week 5: Energy – It’s Time To Take Over The World
Week 6: On the Go – Becoming Your Own On-the-Go Guru
Bonus Week: Detox – Step It Up a Notch Protocol

Do you want to finally conquer your food noise and learn what and how to eat to feel amazing?

Do you want to wake up every morning feeling energized?

Do you want to be your healthiest and happiest you?

Sign up for The Rockstar Roadmap and change your life in six weeks!

Robyn is also offering a FREE tele-class this Thursday, October 24th at 8pm – Taking the Mystery Out of Weight Loss: Why you might be gaining weight even though you are eating the healthy stuff (or at least trying to most of the time) and exactly what to do to get those extra pounds off.  You’ll learn:

  • What foods to focus on and how to upgrade your favorites
  • How you can plan ahead so it isn’t so damn hard to lose weight
  • Robyn’s secret tool for finding Food Freedom (it’s simple and exactly what you need!)
  • What you need to do despite the sea of diet books and mountain of confusing information
  • How to heal from the emotional eating rollercoaster

I’ll be on the call, will you?  Sign-up for this FREE call now and don’t forget to enroll in The Rockstar Roadmap!