Okay, you know when your gadgets are crawling along and you are force quitting them on a daily basis.  After you stomp your feet, yell at your phone, or close your laptop at walk away, you ask yourself: “When was the last time I shut this down?”  Oh.  It’s been awhile.  What do you do next?  Shut her down.

Why are we treating our phones better than our bodies?!

I’ve radically changed my approach to health and wellness in the past year.  I’ve cleaned up and released a lot from my diet that was no longer serving me like dairy, gluten, and refined sugars.  I’ve done a three-week cleanse, I’ve done a juice cleanse, I’ve added in a ton of dark greens.  But after the holidays, I felt off.  My digestion wasn’t great, I felt heavy in my body, and like I was walking through dense fog.  My first instinct was to do a 5-day juice cleanse.  I love vegetable juices and had a great experience in the past with a similar cleanse.  Luckily, though, my intuition told me to check-in with my coach.  She created an amazing detox program – The Rockstar Reboot – and encouraged me to try it.


The Rockstar Reboot was created by Robyn Youkilis in her own kitchen based on what she does for herself.  And the best part – it’s not about starving yourself!!  Robyn’s program is a gentle detox for your everyday life.  You can still go to work, workout (although go easy!), and feel full and satisfied.  We are so hard on our bodies with caffeine, processed foods, not chewing enough, eating too much, and not getting enough exercise or rest.  Even the healthiest person can stress their digestive system and feel sluggish from time to time.

This program is Robyn at her best: a focus on maximizing healthy options with a balanced and practical approach.  It includes a combination of smoothies, soups, and wellness “cocktails” like ginger and mint teas (including one to soothe your sweet cravings).


I had the best experience with The Rockstar Reboot.  I was able prepare everything on the first day of the reboot so I didn’t need to stress about it and everything was ready when I needed it.  I loved being in the kitchen, surrounded by organic vegetables, cooking healthy meals and found it to be a total meditative experience.  Robyn selected the best of the best ingredients – the nutritional superfoods – like green leafy greens, healthy fats, and inflammation fighting herbs.  The recipes were delicious, filling, and customizable.  I added in extra healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado so that I wouldn’t lose any weight and extra warming spices because I’ve been feeling cold lately.

I completed a three-day reboot and by the end I was feeling like the most awesome version of myself.  The results were dramatic.  I had natural energy and didn’t even miss my usual morning Runa tea.  My overwhelming dark chocolate cravings vanished.  My skin was radiant and hydrated.  It had a brightness that I’ve never experienced before and my blemishes cleared up.  My gut relaxed.  The clenched and bloated feeling disappeared.  My digestion was working perfectly.  And most surprising – I saw things more clearly.  Literally.  It was like a fog has been lifted and I was seeing things in greater detail and with a new sharpness.  Of all of the health and wellness things I’ve tried, Robyn’s program had the biggest impact.  And left me wanting more.

Unlike a typical cleanse, this program is filled with real foods.  You get to sit down for a meal and actually chew!  And your family can join in too and have the soups or smoothies as part of their meals or as healthy snacks.  I loved every component of the reboot and plan to incorporate them into my regular weekly meals to continue the health-fest.  I also plan to come back to this program whenever my body needs a gentle break.

The Rockstar Reboot is a bonus Robyn created for her virtual coaching program – The Rockstar Roadmap.  You can sign-up for the 2014 waitlist now and you’ll notified when registration opens!  I loved this program and the reboot was just the icing on the cake (the super healthy but still totally delicious dairy-free and gluten-free cake!).  I believe in Robyn’s rockstar program 100% and know that you’ll love it too!

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