Stephanie is one of a kind. Her generosity, kindness, and tenderness are unmatched but it is her listening skills that set her apart. She is able to listen on a soul level, elevating her clients, readers, and friends to new highs. She is a passionate wellness warrior, who is extremely knowledgeable on all things holistic health. She’s my go to person for making healthy eating and living simple and fun. She makes living an inspired, happy, and healthy life look seamless but also understands the reality of the beyond busy lives we lead and makes her coaching tangible yet powerful.  She is the real deal and the total package to achieve true spirited well-being. –Katie Dalebout, author, speaker, coach, podcast host

Stephanie is incredible to work with! I’ve had a ton of digestive issues for almost a decade and received conflicting advise. Stephanie helped to make it all seem more doable and gave me a much healthier outlook on all of it. –Heidi 

When I first was introduced to Stephanie, I wasn’t actually sure what I was looking for and I remember getting on the Skype call wondering where it might go. I had no idea that Stephanie possessed such a gift to listen, discern and guide. I hadn’t even heard of May Cause Miracles before chatting with her, and I am so grateful that she knew it would resonate with me. With May Cause Miracles as a guide, Stephanie got me out of the spiritual rut I didn’t even realize I was in. Stephanie created such a safe and special space for us to connect over our journeys, and she helped me through some of the hardest parts of theMay Cause Miracles course — with profound generosity of spirit. Thank you, Stephanie! –Amanda

I’ve known Stepaileenhanie for about 7 years now and throughout all of that time she’s consistently stood out as one of the best listeners I know. This may sound simple, but it’s actually so rare to have someone truly give you 110% of their full, active attention. Above that, she not only listens but she also hears- often things that you don’t even know you’re saying. Stephanie uses this natural gift of hers to facilitate her coaching sessions and will point out the themes or challenges she notices to help you shift your perspective and have those “aha” moments. The most amazing part about this is that she does so in a completely non-judgmental way—moreover, she is so relatable that she may share her own similar experiences and struggles and how she has, or is working to, overcome or move past them. This is incredibly motivating because it not only normalizes your feelings but it also helps you to feel that progress can be made and your goals can be achieved. I’m immensely grateful to her and I’m so excited to see all of the other lives that she will undoubtedly have a positive impact on! Aileen Quinn, career coach

As I slowly but steadily work on my health, I immediately came to check out Stephanie’s resources to find out how to improve my diet. I’ve added a few things on my grocery list (chia seeds are at the top!) and found really great ideas, as I knew I would. Thank you for being a continued inspiration! – Julia

christineI was referred to Stephanie by a mutual friend after I was struggling with some digestive issues. I had honestly never given coaching a thought and really did not know if it was for me. However, from our first intro call, I knew I wanted to work with Stephanie and instantly felt a connection. Our experiences have been similar and her warm, honest nature allowed me to open up about challenges I had been facing. We focused a lot on body image, exercise and struggling to “do it all.” Stephanie guided me with effective meditations, reading, recipes and endless positive reinforcement! Since our formal coaching sessions ended, my life has opened up to new possibilities. I feel freer, more connected with my body and mind, and overall happier. I thought that life was going to be bland forever, but since finding Stephanie I know I have so much more to offer and live for. If you are hesitant about coaching, like I was, don’t be! Jump in, take the risk, and come out the other side happier and healthier. 🙂  – Christine

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