Today I want to talk to those of you who have been struggling with food and weight for longer than you care to admit.

I know some of you worry you’ll never get “there” with food and weight — the place where you’ll finally feel comfortable in your skin and free of all the “food noise.”

Maybe you always “do well” for a while until something manages to throw you off course + into a jar of peanut butter at 3am.

Maybe you know you’re eating emotionally, but just can’t seem to stop.

Maybe body shame triggers you into the same old restrictive patterns that always seem to backfire. (usually into a pint of ice cream)

I know it can feel like a lot + it can send you right into crazytown! A typical Sunday in my world used to be: eating a package of Oreos, hating myself with every fiber of my being, ordering a pizza since I’d already blown the day with the cookies, and vowing to be better on Monday.  I’d start the week off “strong” with black coffee and a fruit cup, salad (no dressing) for lunch, and cereal (Special K) for dinner.  By Wednesday I’d be hungry…really hungry.  And by Sunday I’d be back to Oreos, self-hatred, pizza, and promises.

At some point, the diet-binge cycle and constant food noise, becomes so intrusive, that the only thing we want more than weight loss, is getting our sanity back.

That’s why I’m so grateful for coaches like Isabel Foxen Duke, founder of Stop Fighting Food  — the ultimate resource on “ending the crazy” around food and one of the most unique emotional eating coaches I know.

Isabel’s running a free video training series this month that I’m SUPER pumped about. This training shares some of her most critical insights on emotional eating, binge-eating, diet-binge cycling, and “generally feeling crazy around food.”

Isabel won’t only address your emotional eating patterns — she’ll help you end all the crazy-making food and body thoughts that instigate those patterns to begin with. You know, so food stops tempting, taunting and tantalizing you…and starts just being food.

Knowing Isabel’s work myself, I can attest that this gal knows what she’s talking about and produces serious results in the emotional eating world — if these are issues you struggle with, I highly recommend that you take a look and sign up for this free video training series.  The first {free} video – out now – discusses why emotional eating and binge-eating are not issues of willpower, but are reactions  specific beliefs and thought patterns we hold about food. (i.e. why using willpower to try to control yourself around food often backfires).  It is SO good!  Trust me – you want to see this free training video.

**I am a PROUD affiliate of the Stop Fighting Food training program.  No one has helped me quiet my food noise like Isabel and I believe in this program so deeply.**