If you’re a regular Spirited Well-being reader or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, you’ve seen plenty of Spirit Junkie references.  And you may be wondering…what the heck is a spirit junkie?


As Gabby says, “A spirit junkie is someone who chooses to perceive the world with loving lenses.”  This idea of choice is key to the spirit junkie way.  It is the realization of choice that can open you up to seeing things differently.  Spirit junkies choose love, kindness, oneness, forgiveness, and gratitude moment to moment.  It’s about letting go of fear and allowing love to guide you.  Being a spirit junkie opens you up to trust your intuition (Gabby refers to this as your ~ing or inner guide).

Being a spirit junkie isn’t about:

  • religion
  • green juice
  • lululemon
  • yoga
  • mala beads
  • being vegan
  • kale
  • rainbows and unicorns
  • perfection

Although being a spirit junkie might be about a combination of those things for you.  (I mean, who doesn’t love rainbows and unicorns?!)  That’s the point – it’s not one size fits all.  Each person will have their own experience and practice.

So – what is being a spirit junkie about?

Here’s what I know (and more importantly…FEEL) about being a spirit junkie.

It is about gratitude, love, and forgiveness.  Period.

It’s about being a witness to your ego, practicing radical forgiveness (of self and others), and seeing the world through a loving perspective.

Ego?  This isn’t your PSYCH 101 ego!

“The ego becomes like a bully in our minds.  The ego’s goal is to shut down the love parade and trap us on a dark and lonely street by making us believe we’re separate from the loving mindset we were born with….the ego’s sole purpose is to convince us that love isn’t real so that we believe in the fearful thinking of the world.  The ego is always revving up its game to take us down in a major way.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein, Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles

Being a spirit junkie has literally changed my life. Last year I read a post on Kristin McGee’s blog that mentioned Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest book, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness, and I felt called to order the book.  In Gabby’s books, vlogs, articles, and lectures I found my first spiritual running buddy.  I’ll be honest, it is a major understatement to say that I was hesitant when I received May Cause Miracles.  I played a total word association game in my head just from the title: miracles —> church —> religion —> no, thank you.

Luckily I opened the book and read the words that permanently shifted my perspective: “Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.”  Reading these words cracked open something in the deepest part of me and I became willing to see things differently.

I experienced a miracle.

“If you’re wondering what I mean by “miracle,” it’s simple: a miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love. A miracle can be the moment you choose to forgive your ex- lover and let go of decades of resentment, or the moment you recognize that losing your job was not a tragedy but an opportunity to follow your true calling. Simply put, each moment you choose love over fear is a miracle.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness

This past year has been a journey of self-discovery, self-forgiveness, and connection.  I witnessed how frequently I was “playing small” or holding myself back out of fear.  You know what I’m talking about – the voice in your head that tells you that: you’re not good enough, your hair is a disaster, you look fat in your favorite jeans, you’ll never get promoted, you’ll be alone forever, and the thing you’re super excited about is too good to be true.  Most of the time this was the only voice I could hear.  And it was exhausting.  Day one of reading May Cause Miracles – January 1st – I felt this voice get quieter.  Not by a lot but enough that I could start to hear a new voice – my voice.  I could hear whispers from my ~ing telling me that there was a different way, a better way.

That’s what being a spirit junkie is about for me.  Facing my fear, forgiving myself, and choosing love moment to moment.  Does that mean that I’m blissed out every second of every day?  No!  Some mornings I wake up and I’m not jazzed about the day.  Sometimes I struggle to come up with even one thing to write down in my gratitude journal.  Sometimes my ego is screaming in my head and I let fear consume me.  But those moments are becoming less and less common and I can witness them happening, forgive myself, and change course.

Authenticity is one of the biggest (and scariest) lessons that I’ve learned on the spirit junkie road.  Fear typically looks like self-doubt, embarrassment, and worry in my world.  It’s what holds me back from sharing my point of view, being spontaneous, or trying something new.  It’s built very tall and thick walls around me.  These walls have started to crumble away.  The moments when I express my true self, without fear of judgement, are pure and loving moments.  They are the moments when loved ones feel like they understand me more, coworkers have more respect and confidence in my abilities, and I get more views on my blog.  My job is to be myself and I’m becoming more and more of her everyday.

This post is a clear example of living my authentic truth.  I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for MONTHS.  I realized this week when I (yet again) pulled up the draft that I was hiding – from you and from myself.  I was playing small.  I was allowing my ego to convince me not to post about this topic.  I was afraid to share this part of myself with you.  Worried that it would be too spiritual or not spiritual enough.  That fear is not based in reality and once I recognized that the words poured out of me.  I’m sharing my truth and that’s a #SpiritJunkie miracle moment.

One of my favorite mantras is:

“Would you rather be right or happy?” ~A Course in Miracles

Reciting this is a reminder that I can choose to be happy by letting go of the need to be right or perfect.  It’s a reminder to listen to my ~ing and let the universe do her thing!

“Now, my dear friend, I must send you on your way.  I thank you for beginning this journey with me.  I encourage you to continue ~inging forever.  Know that at any moment you can ask for a miracle and choose to see the world through loving lenses…Share light.  Expect miracles.  Honor the voice of your inner guide.”  ~Gabrielle Bernstein, Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness

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