Yep.  You read that correctly.  I’ve stopped washing my face.  At least in the traditional sense.

I’ve always described myself as having “problem skin” – oily, frequent breakouts, scarring, and recently red blotches.  And in an attempt to “correct” it, I’ve spent endless dollars on miracle product after miracle product.  I would scrub my face with abrasive scrubs and harsh cleansers attempting to get that squeaky clean feel.  (No joke, I would scrub and scrub until it squeaked.)  Then, as a result, my skin would be dry and peeling and I’d slather on lotions and potions.  At one point I was using 7 different products on my face in addition to the 4 or 5 additional makeup products.  And I never understood why all of my efforts weren’t working.  (Sorry skin, I haven’t been very kind to you!)

In the last year I’ve made an effort to swap traditional products out for less toxic versions (the SkinDeep and Think Dirty apps became my best friends) and yet my skin was still a problem.  I was really just replicating my harsh habits with better quality products and expecting drastic change.  I was fed up and my skin was getting worse so I started investigating natural and homemade products.  While I’m a dedicated wellness gal, I have a block when it comes to taking the time to make my own products so I went searching for homemade, natural products that I could purchase.  I’d heard a lot about cleansing your skin with oils but never really paid much attention.  After-all, I have seriously oily skin so I couldn’t possibly let oil come within 10 feet of my face!

Last month I read Skin Cleanse (stay tuned for a full review soon!) and discovered Good Medicine Beauty Lab (thanks to The Wellness Wonderland) and my entire skin perspective shifted.  It finally clicked that I was stressing my skin in an attempt to calm it and causing damage.  My skin wasn’t the problem, I was.  I decided to do the opposite of what I had been doing my entire life and break up with all of my acne-prone, oily, and troubled skin products and go with natural and gentle.



I started with the skin detox outlined in Skin Cleanse – removing all products (eek!) and allowing my skin to breathe and reset.  Since the detox I’ve been using Good Medicine products (including OIL!) and have already noticed an improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin.  Here are a few simple changes that I’ve made so far:

Put the products down!

I cleared out my makeup bag and medicine cabinet.  I got rid of the product graveyard – the half full bottles of product after product that I’ve tried over the years.  I’m adopted the less is more mentality and strive to have a naked face as often as possible.  This is a big one for me.  I was a “I need to put makeup on to run to Target” kind of girl and am still getting comfortable with baring my face.

Drink up!

Honestly, the number one thing that you can do for your skin is drink more water.  I can’t even begin to tally up all of the money I wasted on products when a huge part of the solution was in my house and completely free.  These days I’m a fairly hydrated gal – I drink about 2 liters of water a day.  But in January I participated in the Healthy Crush hydration challenge and upped by water game to 3 liters a day.  My skin was brighter and clearer and when the challenge was over I noticed dull, dry, red patches return immediately.  Luckily for my skin, Jenny launched another challenge for April!

Dissolve oil…with oil!

Since using oil (Good Medicine Rain) as my cleanser my skin is actually less oily!  I wash my face at night with Rain, gently massaging the oil into my skin to remove my makeup, dissolve oil, and clean away the gunk of the day.  I cover my face with a hot washcloth and let the steam and oil mingle for a minute or two before wiping the oil (and dirt) away.  My face is left feeling refreshed, clean, and moisturized without being oily.  Plus it’s like a mini-spa treatment because the products smell and feel heavenly.  I’ve stopped washing my face in the morning.  I’m just using witch hazel to wipe away any dirt from the night before using Good Medicine toner and face cream.

I’m only a few weeks into this new routine so I’m sure I’ll have more to share along the way.  Just a note about making the switch to more natural skin care: don’t forget that it’s always darkest before the dawn!  Your skin is likely to “get worse” while it is detoxing and healing.  I had an increase in breakouts the first week but since then my skin has been clear and balanced.  And I’ve freed up precious minutes in the morning because my skin care routine is so much shorter now!

I’m curious to hear your experience because I still have a lot to learn on this topic…have you used oil to cleanse your face?  Do you make your own skin care products or have a favorite brand?

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