Robyn Youkilis has the answer!


Can we get real for a sec? It’s hard to feel like a rockstar when that voice in your head is constantly nagging you about what you shouldn’t have eaten, or how you’ll never take off the five (or ten) pounds, convincing you that you need to give up everything that you love to actually have the body that you want…

It’s brutal.

But there is a different way to go about this, to quiet the voices in your head and actually feel like the rockstar that you know, deep down inside, you really are.

My personal health coach Robyn Youkilis – television host + passionate health coach + serious foodie, has definitely been down this road – and she’s sharing all her best tips with you.

Here’s why I love Robyn’s rockstar tools:

Healthy doesn’t mean “give up all that is wonderful”.  It means taking simple steps to impact your health in a big way. You can still be a rockstar AND be your healthiest you.

She’s introducing a new {FREE} video training series to get you started right away.  The Rockstar Roadmap will be what you need to become your healthiest you.   Have you wanted to know how to get back to fabulous after a late night out?  What about how to eat when you’re surrounded by unhealthy options?  If so, this series is for you. Here’s what she’s going to cover with you:

  • The one thing you need to know to be able to eat healthy no matter how busy you are.
  • Three secrets to fending off your cravings – even in front of a plate of chips!
  • Four solid tools that will help you get to your healthiest weight without sacrifice. (Yes, YOU can do this!)
  • And, my fave, a way of eating a vegetable that I never heard of before in the yummiest way you can imagine. I’m obsessed!

Check out her AMAZING {free} kick off video series by signing up now!  The first video will be out soon so get on the list now – you don’t want to miss this!!

Imagine the next time you hit the appetizers at a party with a little too much enthusiasm, and that you know exactly what to do about it ==> That’s what’s in store for you in these videos.  Sign up here!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about The Rockstar Roadmap in the comments below.  I’ll also be posting about my experience in the program on the blog soon!

Here’s a preview of #TheRockstarRoadmap party: