This past weekend was my ten-year college reunion.  I still can’t wrap my head about this fact.  Ten years.  It feels like time has flown by and been paused at the same time.  Being able to walk with Andrew around campus and share my memories with him was so special.  It made it feel like he’s now a part of that history too.

10 things my 10 year reunion taught me

10.  Bloody Marys are a critical component of a successful reunion.  Enough said.
9.  Nothing beats a dining hall breakfast buffet in the morning after a late night.
8.  Reunion is an excellent chance to visit places on or near campus that you were too busy studying to visit during your four years.  I had the chance to visit Quarry Farm, where Mark Twain spent his summers writing, and also his study which is literally on campus.  I realized when I went inside the study that I walked around it many times but never actually stepped inside.
7.  You have more energy at your 50th reunion than at your 10th.  The Class of 1963 was feisty and excited!
6.  Singing your college alma mater is like riding a bike.  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, once you link up and start to sway the lyrics come right back to you.
5.  Not everyone is a Madonna fan as evidenced by the fact that the dance floor cleared when Vogue came on with the exception of me and one other ‘03er with excellent taste in music.
4.  Time stands still at your college bar.  I walked into The Branch and was transported back to 2003.  We even sat in our “usual” seats and it felt so good.
3.  Residence hall living is not for the 30+ crowd. #showershoes
2.  The time spent in college really is life changing.  I found my voice in college and transformed from a timid and scared 17-year-old to a confident and strong woman.  I was reminded by one of my favorite professors that I never uttered a word in his class all semester.  If I took that class now, I’d probably be the one always raising my hand to contribute and I have my time at Elmira to thank for that growth.
1.  Friends are forever (see my previous Gratitude post for more on this topic).