Holistic health

Naturopathic doctor: I love Dr. deHaas at Anchor Integrative Medicine. After years + years of being told that nothing was physically wrong with me, Dr. deHaas has been amazing!
Holistic Women’s Health PsychiatryDr. Brogan is a breath of fresh air in the mental health world. Her book, A Mind of Your Own, has helped me so much.

In the kitchen

Blender: I love my Blendtec blender but you also can’t go wrong with the Vitamix. The one difference is the Vitamix has a tamper which can be helpful if you’re blending super think smoothies or nut butters.
Immersion blender: This immersion blender is my favorite kitchen appliance. You can use it right in the pot to blend soups and sauces!
Water filter: Not all filters are created equally. I use this water filter at home.
Water bottle: My only requirement for a water bottle? Glass or stainless steel. NO PLASTIC (even BPA free)! A few of my favorites are bkr, S’well, Lifefactory, or simple mason jars.
Storage containers: Again, NO PLASTIC! I’ve tried several glass storage containers and these are the best.
Spiralizer: I love the Inspiralizer or a simple julienne peeler.
Gluten-free bread: This gluten-free sourdough is the BEST. It makes an amazing BLT with Primal Kitchen mayo!
Paleo products: Anything Primal Kitchen but especially the avocado oilmayo, ranch + greek dressing. Tessemae’s dressings – I could drink the buffalo sauce. Nutpods for dairy-free creamers. Siete for grain-free tortilla chips and wraps (available in Whole Foods). Jackson’s Honest potato chips. [I have so many more paleo favorites so I am working on a paleo quick-start guide for you!]

Superfoods + supplements

Smoothie boosts: I always add raw cacao, maca, glutamine, vitamin D + goji berries to my smoothies.
Probiotic: I’m on a super strong probiotic that my naturopath prescribed but I recommend Be Well.
Vitamins: I recommend Nutreince or SmartyPants.
Iron rich foods: Blackstrap molasses, pumpkin seeds + mulberries.
B12: Here is a vegan B12. Liver really is the best when you need to boost your B12. I’ve found these capsules + Epic bites to be the most palatable.
Protein powder: I use Vital Proteins collagen peptides for protein in my smoothie. I also add a scoop to tea, soups + baked goods. For a vegan protein powder I recommend this brand. I also really love this protein powder that is vegan and super clean.
Protein bars: I love the bison bar from Epic and RX bars.

Self-care + skincare

Face wash: I alternate between oil cleansing with Good Medicine Beauty Lab and using a bar soap from SkinOwl.
Toner: You can easily make your own toner but I’m too lazy for that so I use this one from Good Medicine.
Moisturizer: I use SkinOwl beauty drops (lavender in the morning + mangosteen at night) mixed with this natural moisturizer.
Dry brush: Dry brushing is a detox super tip and I use this one because the brush detaches from the handle.
Spoonk mat: I swear by this mat whenever I have a migraine or tight muscles in my back. I also spend 15-30 minutes on it before bed and fall asleep faster + sleep better.
Yoga mat: I’ve used a Jade yoga mat for years and it’s still like new.
Essential oils: I use oils for everything from perfume, to create safe cleaning products, to immunity support + more. Find out more about the oils I trust + the ones that I use every single day.
Natural birth control: I use the Kindara app and Wink thermometer to take my basal body temperature and track my cycle. The Wink syncs automatically with the app + it’s amazing!

Programs I’ve completed + love

Spirit Junkie Masterclass: You can read about my experience here and here. Email me at stephanie@spiritedwellbeing.com to get on my waiting list and you’ll be the first to know when registration for the next class opens!
May Cause Miracles: My life was changed forever as a result of this book + program.
Stop Fighting Food: Feeling crazy around food? Get this free training series from Isabel Foxen Duke.
Your Healthiest You6 week digital course covering digestion, fermentation, cravings, discovering your non-negotiables, mindful eating, women’s health + meal planning with my coach, Robyn Youkilis.
The Desire Map: When’s the last time you asked yourself how you wanted to feel instead of what you needed to do? Read more about my experience with The Desire Map here.

There’s an app for that

Meditation: I’ll be honest. I mostly use Spotify for meditation and create custom playlists. A great meditation app is Insight Timer.
Affirmations: I have more affirmation apps on my phone than any other category. What can I say, this girl likes her affirmations. My favorites are Spirit Junkie (obv), #Truthbomb + Archangel Michael.
Creating images: I get asked all the time what apps I use for my photos or word art. For apps I love WordSwag, VSCO + A Beautiful Mess. On my computer I live for Canva + Picmonkey (I get by with the free versions of both).
Random: I use this app to check for new and full moons, this app for the energy in specific crystals + this app when my brain just needs a little break. 
Natural birth control: I use the Kindara app and Wink thermometer to take my basal body temperature and track my cycle. The Wink syncs automatically with the app + it’s amazing!


Spiritual books: You can find all of my favorites here. Required reading: A Return to Love, Love Warrior, The Universe Has Your Back, Let it Out + You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life.
Cookbooks/Health: If it doesn’t come from a recipe, I don’t cook it. Check out my favorite health + wellness + cookbooks here. To get you started, grab: Go with Your Gut + Meals Made Simple.
Fiction: A girl can’t live on woo-woo and paleo cookbooks alone. Check out some of my favorite books here.

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