Heal your inner world so that you can stop faking it, finally take up space, and connect to the real you.

We started out as ultrasensitive truth tellers. We saw everyone around us smiling and repeating "I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm fine!" and we found ourselves unable to join them in all the pretending. We had to tell the truth, which was: "Actually, I'm not fine." But no one knew how to handle hearing that truth, so we found other ways to tell it. -Glennon Doyle, Love Warrior

Let me guess:

You change outfits a millions times because you don't feel comfortable in your own skin.
You try desperately to fake it until you make it but you never seem to make it.
You feel lonely in a room full of people. Even your closest friends and family.
You eat, drink, date, shop, work, or scroll to distract yourself from your feelings.
You stop yourself from trying anything new because you're afraid you'll suck at it.
You eat the kale, do the yoga, and buy the self-help books but you still can't find that magical happy place.
And, more than anything, you wish you could confess to someone that you're not fine but you don't know how or who.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I know that they sound familiar to me. I lived most of my life convinced that the stories I told myself about myself were true.

I was not good enough. I needed to try harder. No one understood me. People would just leave or hurt me. If it's not perfect, it's a failure. And my favorite - if I just lost those last ten pounds I'd fall in love, make lots of money, and live on a rainbow with a pet unicorn [aka: I'd be "happy"].

What if i told you that you have been lying to yourself? Would you believe me?

What if I told you that it is possible to feel free from:

hating your body
obsessing about what you eat 
faking it [it being life]
perfectionism that keeps you on the sidelines
not feeling good enough
digestive issues [how we digest our food is how we digest our life]

But it’s not on the other side of an ideal weight, the next diet or chasing perfection. Let me repeat that: Your freedom has nothing to do with your weight, what you eat or how perfect you are.

The key to your freedom is already inside of you.

It’s just buried under layers of fear, old stories, self-doubt, and avoidance. I can help you change your mind about yourself so that you can finally stop faking it and start living [and feeling] it.

The stop faking it. Start living it. private coaching program includes:

STOP FAKING IT START LIVING IT is a 4 month private coaching program where you'll find the freedom to show the world who you really are.

  • An initial 90-minute deep dive session
  • Your coaching program will begin with an intensive session to get to the heart of the matter - what's really weighing you down and set your goals for our time together.
  • 8 60-minute sessions
  • We'll meet online every 2 weeks for your 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • 1 bonus 60-minute session
  • You'll receive one bonus session to use within 3 months of our final session.
  • Unlimited support between sessions.
  • I'll be there for you - quite literally. You can text or email in between sessions with questions, freakouts, celebrations, and aha moments.
  • Curated welcome package
  • You'll receive a welcome package including a journal, Good Medicine Beauty Lab samples, essential oils, teas, and a book selected just for you.

“Stephanie is one of a kind. Her generosity, kindness, and tenderness are unmatched but it is her listening skills that set her apart. She is able to listen on a soul level, elevating her clients, readers, and friends to new highs. She makes living an inspired, happy, and healthy life look seamless but also understands the reality of the beyond busy lives we lead and makes her coaching tangible yet powerful.  She is the real deal and the total package to achieve true spirited well-being.”

Katie Dalebout | author, speaker, coach + podcast host

change your mind about yourself

Complete a client intake form and schedule your free consultation.

Hi! I'm stephanie

I am an emotional wellness coach and mindfulness and meditation teacher.

I am here to hold space while you shed layers of emotional weight, find your voice and place in this [sometimes crazy] world, give you permission to take up space, and guide you back to yourself.

I know how it feels to be numb. To try to become invisible. To hate my body and be convinced that it is the source of all of my problems. To obsess over my food. To be trapped in comparison. And to feel like nobody really knows me.

I've been where you are. And I've used the tools I teach my clients to get out of the fog and step into my life.

I trained as a holistic health coach at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and completed Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass Levels 1 and 2. My speciality is bringing the woo-woo back down to earth.

This is for you if...

  • You know that hating your thighs isn't actually about your thighs. And you agree with Eve Ensler that: one of the most radical things women can do is to love their body.
  • You've picked up anything written by Gabby Bernstein or Glennon Doyle and couldn't put it down.
  • You want to stop running from yourself and feel the good moments of your life even if that means feeling the painful moments too. And you know that you're strong enough to handle it.

This is not for you if...

  • You want someone to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it to reach your goals. And you want those answers now. [Like Veruca Salt level I WANT IT NOW!]
  • You're just in this to lose those last ten pounds. Because I believe that it's not really about the weight.
  • You aren't ready to go deep. It's okay - there's no rush. I'll still be here when you are ready. But I don't want you to commit to working with me if you're not a HELL YES. Because, if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no.

"I had honestly never given coaching a thought and really did not know if it was for me. However, from our first intro call, I knew I wanted to work with Stephanie and instantly felt a connection. We focused on body image and struggling to “do it all.” Since our formal coaching sessions ended, my life has opened up to new possibilities. I feel freer, more connected with my body and mind, and overall happier. I thought that life was going to be bland forever, but since finding Stephanie I know I have so much more to offer and live for. If you are hesitant about coaching, like I was, don’t be!”

Christine Grant

start with a free discovery call

In this free 20-minute consultation we'll discuss your hopes and dreams [not joking] and explore if my coaching program is the right fit for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the coaching program?
I work with clients for four months at a time. Changing your mind about yourself takes time and four months is the sweet spot.

What is an emotional wellness coach?
I work clients to get to the root cause of what's keeping them stuck in old patterns and replace negative habits.

Do you offer free consultations?
Absolutely! In fact, I meet with all potential clients for a free 20-minute consultation. You can schedule your session here.

Where does the coaching take place?
Our sessions will be held online through Zoom video conferencing. You'll receive a custom link to access our sessions. 

Why should I work with a coach?
Working with a coach provides you with structure, support, and - most importantly - accountability. 

How much does coaching cost?
My four month coaching program is $1333 and can be paid through PayPal. Payment plans are available - just ask!

“Stephanie is one of the best listeners I know. This may sound simple, but it’s actually so rare to have someone truly give you 110% of their full, active attention. Above that, she not only listens but she also hears- often things that you don’t even know you’re saying. Stephanie uses this natural gift of hers to facilitate her coaching sessions and will point out the themes or challenges she notices to help you shift your perspective and have those “aha” moments. ”

Aileen Quinn | holistic career coach

Are you ready to stop faking it?

The first step is to schedule your free session and complete a client intake form. 

Before you can choose joy, you have to choose you. -Jonathan Fields

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