Raise you hands if you have scented candles, plug-ins or room spray around the house? Okay, now go collect those items and toss them! [Not kidding.] Scented air fresheners are a multi-billion dollar industry which makes my skin crawl. They mask odors in your home by overpowering them with stronger [and more toxic] odors. And we are breathing in toxic chemicals in the process. Artificial fragrances contain a multitude of chemicals including phthalates – which are endocrine disrupters. Endocrine disrupters mess with our hormones.

I get it, though. Who wants their house to smell?! No worries – I’ve got a non-toxic solution for you. And bonus: it’s way cheaper than all of those candles, sprays, reeds, and plug-ins.

You can clean and scent the air with essential oils. Essential oils are totally natural [as long as you select 100% pure oils] and they can actually CLEAN the air instead of just overpowering the odor. Creating your own non-toxic room spray couldn’t be easier. You just need: essential oils, filtered water and a glass spray bottle [or diffuser].

Here is one of my favorite combinations for a non-toxic room spray but you can mix and match your favorite oils! Some other options that I love are: Lemongrass, Purify, Balance, Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lavender.

non-toxic room spray

20 drops Lemon essential oil (detoxifying, uplifting)
20 drops Wild Orange essential oil (purifying, energizing)
20 drops On Guard essential oil (purifying, immunity support)
Filtered water

Add essential oils to a glass spray bottle
Fill with filtered water
Shake, shake, shake
Spray around the house

Want to get your hand on these oils to make your own non-toxic room spray? Fill out the contact form and I’ll get you the information!