I know, I know. It’s not very health coach of me to let the New Year, New You train pass me by but I just can’t help it. New Year, New You makes me so angry. It is based on the premise that you are not good enough. That there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. That your happiness is wrapped up in how much you weight, how much sugar you have, how hard you work, or your relationship status. New Year, New You is not your friend.


I hope 2017 is the year that you:

Love yourself just as you are. Right now. This version of you.

Know deep down in your soul that you have everything that you need.

Claim happiness as your birthright.

Believe that the number on a scale doesn’t define you.

Trust that you are worthy of love. 

Stop trying so hard to be perfect.

Find your tribe.

Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Put yourself first.

Your don’t need to be a new you this year. The you that you already are is pretty great. You just need to shed the layers and layers of self-doubt, shame, perfectionism, fear, pain, and judgment so that she can finally be seen.

How to lose emotional weight in 2017

Look at yourself and say something nice. Every single day. Look at yourself in the mirror (bonus points if you’re naked and the mirror is full length!) and say something loving. Can’t think of anything? Just say I love you.

Go to bed early. Self-love is hard work. Take it easy and get extra rest.

Find your tribe. Join my [free] Facebook group, Untethered. Untethered is about setting yourself free. Free of perfectionism, body shame, playing small, comparison, fear, unhealthy habits, and judgment​. It’s is about women supporting women as we grow, stop faking it, find our voices, step into our power, love ourselves, and rise up. Join us here.

Stop trying so hard. You’ve spent your whole life trying. Trying to be perfect. Trying to be liked. Trying to lose weight. Trying to find your passion. Trying to try. JUST. STOP. TRYING. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s not a fight. Life can be easier. Slow down. Breathe. Make space. Say no more often. Give yourself permission to just stop. 

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