One of the most common questions I get is about what products, programs + healthy items I recommend so I thought that I’d share my favorites with you.

I have been taking Nutreince vitamins for months and they are the best. They are in powder form and extremely absorbable. I can’t take most vitamins because they are usually massive pills and the gummy options are loaded with sugar and junk. Nutreince is also a great way to sneak in more water!

I have had a long-standing love/hate relationship with protein powders. I’ve lost count of the number of powders that I’ve bought and then tossed because they were gross. I don’t use protein powder in my smoothie on the regular but when I do, I use Life’s Abundance plant protein. It’s grain-free, blends smooth, and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste. If you’re interested in a free sample, let me know!

You know how I feel about water. It’s my number one healthy tip and I thought I was drinking enough water. Then my friend told me that not all water was created equal and sometimes it doesn’t actually hydrate you. I was drinking 3 liters a day and still feeling dehydrated so I switched water filters. I’ve been using the Aquasana Countertop filtration system since January and have noticed a HUGE difference in my hydration.

I am obsessed with Good Medicine Beauty Lab and use several of their products every single day. Their products are hand-crafted, natural and luscious. My skin has never looked healthier or clearer. They offer mini sizes for almost all of their products so you can try a few out to find your favorites. If you enter the code ‘spirited’ at checkout, you’ll get a little love from me!

I’m not usually a fan of gluten-free breads because they are typically filled with SO many ingredients, hard to digest and not that good. I love, love, love the gluten-free sourdough from Bread Srsly. It is free of dairy, egg, soy, nut, potato, tapioca, and garbanzo and actually TASTES LIKE BREAD. It is best toasted and makes an amazing BLT.

I have a confession: I hate the gym. No offense if you’re a gym-goer but it’s just never been my thing. I have always been an at-home workout kind of girl. I use YogaGlo which is like Netflix for yoga. You can sign-up for a free trial here.

For at-home cardio, I love Erin Stutland’s Shrink Sessions. It’s a mixture of dance, cardio, yoga, and affirmations. Erin is offering her free challenge June 13-18. You can sign-up here and you’ll get free Shrink Session workouts each day throughout the challenge.

I can’t get enough chocolate. My favorite brands are paleo-inspired and refined sugar free. When I’m in NYC I stock-up on Hu Kitchen chocolate. I also love Pure7 chocolate which is a local Massachusetts brand and sweetened with honey.

I have too many favorite books to pick just one so I rounded them all up here. I’m constantly updating this list as I read and love more books.

I’m a proud graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As an ambassador for the program, you can mention my name when you enroll to save on your tuition. You can sample a class here. If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can also find out about their partnership with Maryland University here.

I’m still on the hunt for my favorite natural deodorant, shampoo and makeup. What are your favorites?