This post poured out of me on the train home from NYC this weekend.  At first I started writing it as a journal entry but felt called to share it with you.

Today was a miraculous day.  I spent the morning with Gabby Bernstein at the gorgeous ABC Carpet and Home in NYC manifesting miracles and bathing in the Spirit Junkie light.  Gabby hosted a {free} three-hour workshop on manifesting miracles for pre-ordering her latest book, Miracles Now.  (It’s not too late to get access to the {free} recording on this workshop!)

What is manifesting, anyway?  Isn’t that The Secret?

Manifesting isn’t about wanting, it’s about being. – Gabrielle Bernstein

Manifesting happens all the time, with or without your direct knowledge.  Our thoughts and words have the intense power to create.  Negative thoughts attract more negativity.  While positive thoughts have the power to light up the world.

Manifesting is the process of calling in what you desire and then releasing it into the universe.  Sure you can meditate on it, journal about it, pin it to your vision board, and tell your friends about it.  That’s all good stuff.  And that’s part of it.  But the real work is trusting that what is meant to happen will happen exactly how and when it should happen – and not a moment sooner.  When manifesting, pray and meditate on how it will feel to receive what you desire.  But you need to be open to the form.  Your desire might look totally different from what you envisioned.  If you are hyper-focused on the what, you may actually miss it when it is given to you.

Manifesting isn’t greedy or unspiritual.  If your intentions are pure and you’re coming from a place of already having enough, wanting something is clean.  You aren’t looking for the man, the job, the money, or the designer wardrobe to complete you or make you feel like enough.

In my completion I am magnet for what I desire. – Gabrielle Bernstein

I manifested my place in the workshop.  I signed up to attend the in person months ago but then canceled my reservation because I didn’t think I’d make it to New York.  I, soon after, felt like I made the wrong decision but my spot was already filled.  In meditation I envisioned myself in the room, with Gabby on stage, leading us in meditation.  I asked the universe to send me to NYC if I was meant to be there and then let go it.  I felt a sense of peace about it and trusted that if I should be there, I would be.  Late last week I got an email that a space had opened up for me.  Boom.  Thank you, universe!

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety. – A Course in Miracles

Gabby led us through powerful group meditations designed to bust through our blocks, connect us to spirit, and allow the miracles to flow.  Meditation is always powerful for me but my experiences with group meditation during Gabby’s workshops are beyond words.  The collective energy was indescribable.  The images, candles, and spirit junkies in the room created the most beautiful feeling.  One of my favorite moments was taking a light bath which is one of the 108 amazing tools from Miracles Now.


You can practice this exercise whenever you are feeling low vibe – tired, stressed, pain, jealous, uninspired, or simply out of sorts.  Lie down with your palms facing up.  (You can also practice sitting or even standing with your palms up.)  Picture a massive waterfall made entirely of light pouring over you and breathe deeply.  Picture the light from the waterfall moving into your body on your inhales and through your body on the exhales.  You are now cocooned in the light.  Continue breathing and picturing the light pouring over you for several minutes and you will be completely recharged.  This is a great way to keep yourself in the light and coming from a loving mindset.

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Here’s a peek into my beautiful day:

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