My love for Tara Stiles runs deep.  My entire perspective on yoga, comparison, and my body shifted when I took my first Strala class.  I soaked up the Make Your Own Rules philosophy like a sponge.  I had built my life on the foundation of rules and Tara challenged me to rethink that completely.  While disorienting at first, it was ultimately liberating.

Making your own rules is about tuning into your own body, mind, and soul and allowing your “rules” to be formed by intuition and desire.  And your rules are completely fluid.  Maybe today you meditate for 20 minutes and go to hot yoga and tomorrow you sleep in and eat cookies.  Your rules (aka your life) are yours to make and yours to break.  The boundaries are entirely up to you.  Play and exploration are encouraged.  Happiness and freedom are the goal.

Make Your Own Rules Cookbook coverI loved Make Your Own Rules Diet last year.  The idea of creating your own unique approach to food and wellness is a rule that I can get behind.  So I was pumped when I found out that Tara was following it up with an entire cookbook around the idea of eating healthy, having fun in the kitchen, and approaching food with ease and pleasure.

I adore Tara’s playful view of cooking.  She cooks up real food that is simple to make, healthy, and adventurous.  I’ve learned so much from her and channel her spirit when I’m in the kitchen!


My mind was blown when I saw Tara’s recipe for OLIVE GUACAMOLE in Make Your Own Rules Cookbook.

Olive Guacamole

My love for both olives and avocado is true and everlasting.  (Truth time: I used to eat entire jars of olives – and drink the juice – as an after school snack.)  But never in my wildest dreams did I think to combine the two.  This guacamole is out of this world and I seriously can’t get enough.  I love it so much that I asked Tara if I could share it with you to celebrate the official book launch of Make Your Own Rules Cookbook (the book is released on 11/3/2015)!

olive guac recipe

ps: I’d recommend doubling this batch if you plan to share it because it is just that good.