What do you keep saying that you’re going to do but you just don’t do?

makeithappenFor me, it’s blogging more and starting to (eek) vlog.  I keep setting the intention but I keep missing the mark.  But the thing is, I really love this blog, everyone who takes the time to read it, and the experience of being a blogger.  So why don’t I blog more?

It’s no surprise that I am a recovering perfectionist and nothing brings this out in me more than the blog.  It’s the main reason I started the blog in the first place.  I was trying to push well beyond my comfort zone.  And the amazing thing is that it led me to my passion: helping women find true health and happiness through the discovery that they are enough.

So, I am once again going to push beyond my comfort zone and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I’m going to sit down and write a post every day for the next seven days – thank you in advance for letting me take up a little extra space in your inbox this week – in an effort to infuse my little corner of the blogosphere with more joy, ease, and inspiration.  And to make good on my promise to myself.

What have you been promising yourself that you’ll do?  How can you move in that direction this week?