{Image from Your Healthiest You}
{Image from Your Healthiest You}

To my dear body,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for all of the years of attack.

I’m sorry for feeding you foods that made you sick.

I’m sorry for all of the hateful and degrading things I’ve said or thought about you.

I’m sorry for punishing you.

I’m sorry for blaming you.

You didn’t deserve any of that. And I’m committing here and now (with the support of Robyn Youkilis) to stop all of the bashing. I’m joining the no body bashing revolution – for you. #NOBOBA

You are strong. You support me while I move through life with ease.  You allow me to find my center on a yoga mat. You look out for me and show me how to nourish myself. You let me take long walks in the sun with Scout and Andrew. You are perfect – today and always.

I promise to honor and love you everyday.

With deep love and gratitude,