This week I have a special treat for you.  My dear friend + spiritual running buddy, Vicky auf der Mauer, is sharing a personal + inspiring story about her journey to spirited well-being.  Vicky reminds us just how important (and often overlooked) the mind/body connection truly is.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power. – Louise Hay

In 2007, I went for a routine visit at the doctor’s office, and my PAP results came back abnormal, meaning there were abnormal (precancerous) cells on my cervix.  My doctor sent me to a specialist to take a closer look at what was going on.

I really didn’t think much of it, maybe because of my naiveté.  Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a years long journey that would take me from being unwell in my body to discovering my Light (my spirit) and utilizing its powerful energy to heal not only my body but my mind.

My 6 year journey included seeing multiple specialists at 1 clinic, 2 hospitals, regular visits into the broken world of the medical systems, a few minor day surgeries, and a lot of fear later.  However, during that time, I also did sessions with spiritual healers, did visual meditations on the daily,  saw a hypnotist, read books such as You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr (who was not only surviving but thriving with a rare stage 4 cancer by radically changing her diet to a mainly plant based diet) and started to look at the connection between my thoughts and beliefs and my illness.

It is my experience that, while there is most definitely a place for Western medicine in addressing physical illness, unless we look at the body as a whole and at all aspects of it during the treatment process, the likelihood of the illness coming back is higher.  We are whole beings and in my experience, Western medicine looks at treating the symptom, not the cause.  I started looking at the cause.

During my medical ordeal, we would utilize a medical treatment, such as laser surgery to remove the cells (we did this a couple times), but they kept coming back.  I realized that I had to keep diving deeper into my own holistic healing but the doctors wanted to move forward with radiation, a treatment that scared me more than the actual precancerous cells.  At least I knew that the possibility of healing my cells back to health was possible, but the repercussions of radiation on my body would be long standing, especially for a woman in my 30’s who still wanted to have children.

So, what did I do to help heal my body?  I did absolutely anything and everything that it took.

::  I amped up my daily meditation + prayer practice.  I did guided visualization meditations, actually seeing healing Light going directly to the very abnormal cells that needed healing.  I did this daily.  I also started praying regularly, thanking the Universe that I was being guided to wellness.

::  I changed my diet.  As I learned from Kris Carr, the acidity in my body was high from all of the meat + dairy products that I was consuming.  During this time, I switched to mainly a plant based diet, and green juicing daily.  Again, I was willing to do absolutely anything to come back to wellness, including the tedious task of juicing on the regular.

::  I started using affirmations, as guided by Louise Hay.  When my medical issues kept coming back, I really started to notice my thoughts and beliefs about myself that I knew to be part of the problem, and realized that there was a recurring pattern in searching for validation of self worth from outside of myself.  I realized that in order to heal myself from within, I’d have to surrender those thoughts + beliefs, forgive myself for all the choices I made in order to feel loved + accepted, and choose to love myself fully.  Despite how difficult it was, I wrote a list of all the ‘wrongs’ that I believed needed forgiving for.  I went through the list and asked for help in forgiving myself for all of it.  Lots of tears were shed, and even though it was tough, I was willing to change, and to do whatever it took.   I burned the list and truly forgave myself.  I KNOW this change in belief system was instrumental in my healing.

::  I used my time within the medical offices waiting for doctors to bless my entire journey and everything and everyone I passed.  I meditated on doctor’s tables, blessed every doctor, nurse and administrative team, along with the entire building and all patients in it.  I started to believe in the power of my mind and energy, and used the predicament I was in to amplify it.

My journey from illness into wholeness is something that I’m truly grateful for, despite how scary and helpless I felt at times.  Without it, who knows where I would be?  It was through it that I got to put spiritual practices into play and heal my body.  I agree with Louise Hay in that You Can Heal Your Life!


Vicky auf der Mauer is the creator of Lightworker Nation, a website, community and platform for people who are following that which Light’s them up, doing the work they feel called to do and have the audacity to believe that they CAN live the life they know they’re meant to.  She adores people that dream big and take action towards their dreams to make them happen!

Lightworker Nation is the result of Vicky showing up daily to her meditation and prayer rituals and continually choosing from her heart, rather than her head.  She didn’t brainstorm it, it came to her and while the idea of it seemed daunting to execute, she knew she was guided to it and trusted she would be given all she needed to facilitate the community for her fellow Lightworker’s.  It is her dream come true. launched on Monday 8/31/2015.  Follow the Light on Instagram and Twitter.