I’ve been using and am OBSESSED with the Stress Away Essential Oil from Young Living. It’s warm, comforting and definitely helps melt stress away. I put a few drops on my wrists and behind my ears throughout the day (especially before and after my commutes) and rub a few drops in my palms before meditating. Email me at stephanie (at) spiritedwellbeing (dot) com or head here if you are interested in ordering Young Living essential oils!

The 90’s are definitely having a moment right now (hello chokers) and I’m getting my 90’s fix by watching The X-Files. I never watched the show originally (I was much more a 90210 and Melrose Place kind of gal) but Andrew and I started watching the show from the beginning. I’m also slightly obsessed with The X-Files Files podcast!

I just reread A Mind of Your Own and am following the 4 weeks to a natural high plan for the month of July. In this book, Dr. Kelly Brogan highlights the connection between your physical health and your mental health. I love this book so much that after reading the Kindle version I ordered the hardcover so that I could easily take notes and reference it.

Along with the protocol in A Mind of Your Own, I have been using the Elevate app to work through some brain fog and memory issues. You get three activities a day like math problems, reading comprehension and listening skills. I take a break from my regularly scheduled social media scrolling and use my phone for good for a few minutes!

I looooooooove the cocoa lip balm from SW Basics! It’s all natural – they even have vegan options – and is amazing. Plus the smell is heavenly! My lips feel super soft and healthy. I’ve even used it for a moisturizer in a pinch.

I am working to resolve some vitamin deficiencies including iron and B12. Organ meats are amazing sources of both iron and B12 but the thought of preparing and eating a hunk of liver completely creeps me out and makes my stomach turn. So, I’ve been eating the liver bites from my pals at Epic. The bites are a combination of grass-fed liver and beef and taste like beef jerky – I promise!

Last month I said that I was still on the hunt for my favorite natural deodorant and I found it!! I have a deodorant graveyard in my bathroom with at least 10 different deodorants that I’ve tried and left behind. I’ve been using Primal Pit Paste (Unscented) for a month and it’s amazing. It is the first natural deodorant that I’ve used and not had to worry about how I’ll smell by the end of the day.

I am loving Snapchat these days! It’s fun to give a behind the scenes look into my life. I share healthy smoothies and other recipes, lots of Scout and what’s going on in my day-to-day life. Follow me @stephkirylych.