This week’s “try-it Tuesday” was the definition of trying.  First I must confess that my original plan was to try Bikram yoga this week.  Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and breathing exercises performed in a 105 degree room.  (True story.)  I spent all weekend drinking my weight in water to make sure that I would be properly hydrated, reading tips for your first Bikram session, and studying the 26 postures.  I was ready.  And then the panic set in.  I had visions of passing out in class or curling up in a ball and crying on my mat.  I’m not a fan of heat.  Heat makes me very, very cranky.  I can’t take the heat so I didn’t enter the studio.  (I hope to work up the nerve to attempt hot yoga – maybe in February when 105 degrees will be a treat!)

Instead, I decided to disconnect for a night – which is why my try-it Tuesday post is coming on Wednesday.  I think that 90 minutes of yoga in 105 degrees would have been easier.  Andrew has been hinting insisting that I suffer from an iAddiction.  I’ve been in total denial…until last night.

Within the first 20 minutes I was jonesing for a fix and had to move my phone to the other side of the room.  Andrew observed that I was sitting on my hands and there may have been some rocking.  The need to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest was intense.  I started to think about how much time I spend with my laptop in my lap, iPhone to my left and iPad to my right.  I don’t think anything of it and there are times when I’m using all three at the same time.  (Working on my multitasking skills?)  This is normal behavior for me.  A quick Word with Friends move is harmless, right?!  It only takes a minute.  Sure.  But the minutes add up quickly and before I know it, an entire night is gone.  The last thing I do before closing my eyes at night and the first thing I do when my alarm goes off is always a phone check.  Why?  This habit obsession is all-consuming.

I have limited free time after the 3-4 hours I spend commuting each day so why am I spending it with my nose in a screen?  I like to tell myself that it’s my way of connecting with friends and relaxing.  How about I read a book?  Or spend more time practicing yoga and meditation?  Or having a conversation with Andrew?  It’s way too easy for me to stay plugged in.  It takes discipline to truly unplug.  Discipline that I’m in desperate need of.  I’m hoping my upcoming trip to Kripalu will give me the jumpstart that I need to step away from the devices.  I want to be more mindful of this nasty habit and strive to be fully disconnected after 8pm.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get more sleep.  Wouldn’t that be something.

Oh – I did make it through the entire night without my phone, iPad or computer.  Granted I got in bed very early and didn’t think twice about checking my phone at 5am but it’s a start, right??