I’m gonna need a minute.

I know that you’re here for your usual dose of love and inspiration for living a life free from fear and self-doubt.

But right now I don’t have that to give. I know that I WILL get there. That I WILL choose love and I WILL shine brighter. I know that I WILL NOT allow the darkness to consume me.

But I’m gonna need a minute.

I am committed to always showing up here (and everywhere) and sharing my truth. And right now my truth is that I am devastated. My heart is heavy. I am afraid. I am confused. I am exhausted. I am deeply concerned about the future – not just for women but for us all.

And I am committed to FEELING it. I give myself permission to feel it.

My default is to numb out and it would be so easy for me to slap a pink affirmation up and carry on with my day like it was a normal day. But this isn’t a normal day. And covering this up with an affirmation doesn’t seem authentic, responsible or spiritual. It feels wrong.

So I’m here to remind you that you are entitled to feel all of the feelings.

It doesn’t make you less spiritual because you can’t see the lesson in this right now or feel like your light is (temporarily) dimmed. You can choose love and still be heartbroken. You can be a lightworker and still be fucking pissed. You can be the light and still be really, really, really afraid.

So I’m gonna need a minute.

And then I’ll see you on the other side of this. Back in the light. Because the light is where we belong.