I think we all have the capacity to GLOW so brightly that we light up not only our own lives but also the world.
But…I didn’t always believe that. In fact, I believed the complete opposite. I thought that my source of happiness and wholeness was outside of me and therefore out of my control. External validation. Attention. Success. Without it, I wasn’t worthy. And if I wasn’t worthy, I certainly couldn’t GLOW.

My GLOW was dependent on other people lighting my flame. Praise at work = GLOW. Compliment on my outfit = GLOW. Friends around me = GLOW. Advanced degrees or training = GLOW. While all of these things are fine on their own, relying on them as my source of light meant that when I didn’t have them I was lost in the darkness. So I was left to chase the light. Chasing the light meant doing or saying what I thought was expected of me. Fitting in. Pushing. Manipulating. Shrinking to allow others to shine in a hope that they would shine their light on me. Burning out.

Chasing the light became exhausting, lonely, inauthentic, and unsustainable. So I stopped. I stopped chasing. And the funniest thing happened. I was guided toward my own light and truly began to GLOW from the inside out. As soon as I stopping looking for my light outside of me, I was able to notice the light that was already inside of me. As faint as the light was, it was there. So I began to focus on nurturing and feeding MY light and watched it GROW as I began to GLOW.

Ignite your light + learn to GLOW from the inside out

heartDRINK UP!
Water that is. It’s so simple but so many of us aren’t doing enough of it. We walk around chronically dehydrated which drastically lowers our vibration and dims our GLOW. You know when you see someone who seems be to glowing and ask them their secret? It’s usually water. Lots and lots of water. Hydrating literally makes you GLOW. When you’re dehydrated you’re in a fog. You can’t hear your intuition as easily. Your energy suffers. You disconnect from your joy. Not only is your skin lackluster, your life can become lackluster. Try drinking 2+ liters of water a day for the next 30 days and see what happens. I bet you’ll be GLOWing.

heartSLOW DOWN! How long is your to-do list today? And are you multi-tasking right this second? Maybe reading this while you eat your lunch at your desk? Your GLOW craves stillness and quiet. It’s how your light gets ignited and consistent stillness keeps your light glowing bright. A daily meditation practice clears the clutter from your mind, increases your ability to absorb stress with more grace, infuses calm into your bones, and sparks your inner GLOW like nothing else. Stress is the number one thing that can extinguish your inner light. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, start today with one minute of simple deep breathing. If you already have a meditation practice, how can you go deeper? Maybe you sit for longer? Or meditate in silence instead of music.

heartMOVE YOUR BUNS! As Erin Stutland says, movement in your body creates movement in your life. Movement creates flow and flow creates GLOW. Moving your body shakes the low vibes out. Sweating detoxifies your body. You feel stronger, have more energy, and call in happiness. One of my favorite ways to get my GLOW on is a dance party. Whenever I’m feeling anything but bright and shiny, I turn up my T-Swift and Pink playlist, close my eyes and move. By the end of the first song I feel a million times better. Movement is about connecting with your body. It’s about being at home in your skin and nothing makes you GLOW more than that!

heartFOLLOW YOUR JOY! Joy and GLOW are best friends for life. They support each other, finish each other’s sentences and know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. When you follow your joy you’ll find your GLOW without even trying. Joy isn’t logical, forced, controlled, and isn’t always practical. Joy doesn’t have to have a reason or an end goal. You can do something simply because it brings you joy. Your job doesn’t necessarily have to be your source of joy (although it’s awesome if you can find joy in your workplace!). What’s the thing that you’d do for free, if you had more time, just because it lights you up? Make time. Make time for the friends that make you laugh so hard that you cry, for the events that inspire you, for the activities that nourish your soul. Don’t worry about the why. Just worry about the joy. And following your joy leads you to more joy. And more joy leads to more GLOW.

heartCOMPARE NO MORE! As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And since joy and GLOW are so interconnected, comparison is so not our friend. Comparison dulls your inner light by convincing you that it’s not bright enough. It makes you afraid to shine. Comparison keeps you in the dark. It creates separation. One of my favorite lessons from Gabby Bernstein is that the light we see in others is a reflection of our own inner light. Notice the light in others and, instead of getting blinded by the light, allow it to shine back to you making your light that much brighter.

I hope these simple but effective tools help you GLOW from the inside out. If you’d like more tips like these, grab my free 3-day guide for health and happiness from the inside out here