The amazing thing about wellness is that it ripples out into every area of your life. It not only improves how you feel and connect to the world around you, but it also increases the love you get back. It’s that whole, “what goes around comes around” thing coming into play. Love yourself and spread compassion and you will find these being sent back to you by others.

Why? Because there is no action without reaction, and you are the one who needs to decide if these actions will be positive of negative. This conscious decision to live positively will dictate the energy you receive from others and can have a profound effect on your life.

I’d like to talk about what this deliberate effort to bring positivity into your life can mean not just for you, but for those in your life you hold most dear.

Improved Relationships

When we feel better about life and ourselves in general, we act and react around others differently. This is important because our emotional responses to situations tend to influence the reactions we get from others. When we are feeling good about ourselves, we tend to talk with more compassion and love towards others, which strengthens our relationships. It becomes easier to let go of past grudges and stress and allows us to see past why someone might be angry or irritated at any given moment.

When we are in a good state with ourselves, we will tend not to feed the anger and stress in others. Instead, we will approach the situation with more compassion and are more likely to offer to lend a hand and empower others to alleviate their pain through constructive solutions.

One of the main reasons our relationships improve when we improve well-being is because we learn to live from a solid foundation. Happiness, change and wellness begin within and are then reflected in our thoughts, actions and results in life. The grounding that wellness provides helps us to not take things personally and to do what we can to aid others when they need us. Over time, this positivity will rebound, and you will find your relationships growing and maturing, boosting your wellness even further.

Peace of Mind

One key component of wellness is peace of mind. When you begin to love yourself, emotionally as well as physically, you tend to let the way others perceive you bother you less—your happiness becomes invincible and you become more resistant to things that would normally stress you out or get you down.

However, sometimes those around you who are struggling to find that peace may resent you or feel envious of your state. Normally, you might react to this negatively, but with a positive outlook you can look past this “jealousy” as simply a product of that person’s situation and offer useful ways for that person to empower themselves to feel better.

You could direct them to a great book you read, a blog, this one for example, or anything else you’ve used to help you achieve your state of wellness and positivity. I, for example, like to suggest the app “Headspace.” It teaches mindful meditation and offers people a unique way to disconnect from their stresses to focus on wellness. When using “Headspace,” or anything else online, though, I advise people to use a secure connection. Almost everything we do on the web nowadays involves personal information or location, so being sufficiently protected is yet another step towards achieving peace of mind for yourself and those around you.

Wellness is a bridge of love, compassion and improvement between people and their loved ones. Working to be at your best and to love yourself helps you become more patient, relaxed and helpful to others.

The key thing to remember is that there is always a positive and negative way to react and deal with those around us, and the deciding factor is you.

Author bio: Caroline is a health and wellness blogger with a keen passion for mental health and well-being. She enjoys spreading awareness of how to improve states of wellness and how that contributes to creating a happier world. Caroline is on Twitter at: @ehealth_inform.