Happy Monday!  I think gratitude is a great way to start the week and one thing that I’m grateful for this week is friendship.

friendsToday I had a thought. What if I…what if I had never met you?
Carrie, Sex and the City

Last night I met four of my girlfriends for drinks and dinner in the city.  There is something both invigorating and calming about spending time with your friends.  I always feel recharged after a girls night.  The conversations and laughter we’ve shared over drinks and meals are some of my favorite memories.  Who else but your girlfriends will order every appetizer on the menu with you?!

During dinner we realized that the weekend marked 10 years since our college graduation.  10 years…eek!  I can’t imagine my life without the girlfriends I met in college.  We’ve grown up together and celebrated major milestones like graduate school graduations, new jobs, proposals, marriages, first homes, and pregnancies together.  We’ve supported each other through rough times and always rallied around one another in times of need.

I owe so much to my friends.  (Prepare yourself, this is about to get mushy.)  I didn’t grow up with sisters and I consider my close friends to be my extended family.  I rely on them to be shoulders to cry on, career counselors, cheerleaders, sounding boards, confidants, and constant sources of inspiration.  Over the years my friends have given me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, helped me learn to laugh at myself, and taught me to go after what I want.  I know that I always have someone to call for the good, the bad, and the ugly of life and that is priceless.

Ladies, you are so special to me and I am grateful for you everyday.