I love sharing all things wellness with you and right now I am loving the lotions and potions from Good Medicine Beauty Lab.  They sent me an amazing box o’goodies a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight (and smell).


goodmedicine_logo_lg_1439931878__30791These products are special.  They are handcrafted in small batches using incredible ingredients and are bottled in tinted glass containers.  I love how rich, calming, and intoxicating each product smells.  And you can tell that they are naturally scented – there is nothing fake about these products.


My morning and evening habits have now become self-care rituals.  I actually look forward to removing my makeup because it means I get to massage Rain into my skin and have a mini-facial with the steam from the hot washcloth mixing with the nourishing and cleansing oils.  I used to be a full-blown “oil-free” junkie.  I’ve had oily and acne-prone skin so I wouldn’t let oil get within a mile of my skin.  Rain has completely changed that.  This blend of oils has balanced my skin and improved the texture.  My skin is less oily and I haven’t had a breakout since using it.  I follow up Rain with Clarity – the most luscious moisturizer.  It has an almost whipped texture and is rich without being heavy or oily.  My skin drinks it up!

RAIN / replenishing oil wash

apricot + tamanu + primrose

This indulgent blend of oils is a deep cleaning, intensely hydrating, skin balancing dream. We have created this specific blend of oils to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin to release dirt, makeup and pollutants that bind to your skins natural oils. With a divine ability to balance any skin type (no matter if you are oily, dry or both), Rain will restore you natural skin tone, heal scaring and red spots, and make your complexion glow with perfect health. Oil washing is a beautiful thing.

CLARITY / awakening face cream

wild sage + desert rose + gardenia

Awaken your skin with Clarity. This nutrient-rich herbal cream delivers a power boost of vitamins and minerals, free-radical fighting antioxidants and quickly restores your natural moisture barrier. Its ultra creamy texture and divine aroma quickly rejuvenates the senses while bringing balance and hydration. Anti-aging properties lift and clear the skin revealing a bright, soft and enlivened complexion.


My absolute favorite item is Honey Bee – a mask with honey + aloe.  omg.  (I may have been tempted to give it a taste – it smells like a dream!)  Honey is one of the best things for your skin.  It is antibacterial and great for acne, full of antioxidants, and moisturizing.  This is my secret weapon for amazing skin.  I use Honey Bee before date night, a presentation, or important meeting.  My skin literally glows!

HONEY BEE / blossoming revelation mask

wild honey + apple pectin + aloe vera

Transform your skin in 1 minute. This wild desert honey mask is truly a god send for dry, tired skin. Our wild desert tincture blends with age-defying essential oils, creating a hydraulic motion that quickly rebuild moisture levels in the skin. As Honey Bee purifies and restores balance to every skin type, it stops bacteria growth and acts as a mild alpha-hydroxyl acid to reveal a new layer of skin. This vitamin and mineral-rich formula clears and evens out skin tone, smooths fine lines, firms, hydrates and softens the delicate facial tissue restoring a healthy, youthful glow.

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with one of the owners of Good Medicine Beauty Lab, Alicia Overton.


Alicia is partner/owner of Good Medicine Beauty Lab. Through her constant exploration of healing, creating powerful relationships, and a reverence for our wondrous wild lands she has aligned herself with the Good Medicine brand to bring health to women, men and the planet. Bright eyes and a great big smile shows the world our real beauty and the choices we make every day do matter. Let’s come together – and dance!

Alicia radiates freedom and joy. I know you’re going to love her!

What advice would you give to the 16-year old version of yourself?

Stay wild! Life is your masterpiece.

As a Sagittarius youth 😉 I measured every thing and every choice by the amount of freedom it would allow me. Back then it got me into a little trouble and maybe even made the road steep and bumpy sometimes  – but it also brought adventure, opportunity and the inner strength to “move on” when things change. A wild spirit is not just for the young – never let it go.

You just designed your perfect day – tell me all about it.

This is a really cool question for me because it instantly makes me smile with gratitude! It’s rare for me to have an imperfect day. I have designed a life I love, where each day feels perfect to me. Each morning, I awake to an adorable man that I love and two lively, brilliant Border Collies that keep me on my toes. I brew my morning coffee and walk out to my front yard, on the side of the mountain – and look across a beautiful grass valley and majestic pine mountains. Then I strap on my boots and head out to feed and care for my 5 (rescue) horses. The rest of the day is filled connecting with amazing, talented people who always challenge me and encourage creativity. I am incredibly fortunate to earn a living doing something that inspires me and stirs my soul – I am truly passionate about my work and love every minute of it. Each day ends, as it began – time with my horses. Usually dirty, sweaty and calm – looking out over a vibrant high-desert sunset, breathing fresh air with the wild ones.

Leaps of faith can bring gifts far beyond anything you could have imagined. {Tweet it!}

I’ve had to do a little “cliff-jumping” to get these “perfect days” – and I stumble, just like everyone, but I learned years ago that conscious decisions bring magic into ones life and leaps of faith can bring gifts far beyond anything you could have imagined.

How do you stay connected to your inner voice?

My horses. It’s my sacred space. No matter what kind of energy I start with or how I arrive – I always leave completely grounded and open. Horses require you to be present and without an agenda. It’s a safe place, filled with love and energy. It’s a place I can just be.

My mantra is:  Take pleasure, leave love.
^^How good is that?!

Favorite skincare product: Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream. It always give me an instant boost! And I swear it has taken away years 😉

Song that always makes me dance: I can’t hear music and not dance. But for some reason lately I have been listening to anything and everything the Dawes have put out and loving just slowly dancing around my kitchen as I cook.

Thank you, Alicia!  Your perfect day sounds dreamy and I am totally borrowing your mantra.

If you’re interested in trying out for Good Medicine Beauty Lab for yourself, they have graciously offered me a promo code for Spirited Well-being readers! Take 10% off of your purchase by using this link +  the code spirited at checkout – amazing!