I’ve got a question for you.


Does it feel happy and healthy? Or bloated and blah?

There used to be a time in my life (for most of my life, actually) when feeling bloated, tired, and in pain was my normal. And, sadly, I couldn’t fathom that there was any other way to live. I’d take two steps toward a healthier, happier life and then get thrown three steps back (usually in the form of all things sugary and cheesey). I felt sick all of the time. I spent almost every night curled up in a ball on the couch, exhausted, and in so much pain. And I truly believed that this was going to be my forever reality.

And then the most divine thing happened to me: I met Robyn Youkilis.


I felt connected to Robyn even before our first conversation. My breakthrough session with Robyn rocked my world. She got me – I felt completely supported and understood, her insights were invaluable, and she helped me accept that there was a better way to live and that I deserved to feel great. Through our coaching relationship and now our friendship, Robyn has helped me literally take my life apart and put it back together the Your Healthiest You way. She even inspired me to become a health coach!

When Robyn and I first met I couldn’t digest…anything. My gut was not a happy place to be and I definitely couldn’t connect to it. It was truly the bane of my existence. The source of so many of my problems and pains. I had grown to resent my body because it seemed to bring me nothing but discomfort. And as a result I treated it like shit. I lived on stress, espresso, oreos, pizza, and beer. I had been bloated for over 10 years. My insides often felt like they were being ripped out of me. And I feared food – all of it.

Robyn helped me heal not only my gut but also my relationship to food and my body. I can sit down and actually enjoy a meal instead of dreading the bloating, pain, and tummy troubles that used to be my norm. I feel at home in my body and connected to my intuition (aka my gut instinct). I sparkle, as Robyn puts it.

As you can see this is a very personal subject for me which is why I’m so excited that Robyn has an amazing new book coming out that makes this whole “gut healing” goal SO MUCH EASIER! 

Through the simple (but seriously insider) practices and mouth-gasm recipes in Go with Your Gut you’ll learn how you can get super energized, heal your gut, and feel more connected to your work and life – all magical and sparkled up.

To get your hands on this must-have book, just head here!

Check out my favorite gut healing recipe from Go with Your Gut – you don’t want to miss it!!