My life for the past several years has been all holistic health + woo-woo, all the time. I’ve ready dozens + dozens of spiritual texts, paleo cookbooks + personal development books. I typically have a stack of books next to my bed + by my desk. In fact, I am currently sitting next to a pile that includes: A Return to Love, Miracles Now, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life, Let it Out, Just the Essentials, Radical Self-Love + Kicking Sick and White Hot Truth is playing in my ears. That’s a whole lot of advice. It’s all good advice but – it’s a lot. It’s a lot of other peoples ideas that I need to sift through to get into my own idea. Which is why I’m doing a little woo-woo detox and picking some fiction.

I’ve previously shared that I am working to heal several chronic health struggles and, honestly, it is beyond overwhelming. Every Google search offers me new information. Every book or blog post seems to contradict the last. Every spiritual book encourages me to surrender just a little bit more. And in all of the information, I am having a hard time connecting to my own voice, my own guidance. So, I’m putting my spiritual, self-help, how to heal yourself books on the shelf and I’m going to the land of make believe. I’m picking up the long ignored fiction and fluff. Here are some of my favorites + books in my reading pile:

If you search #melissareads on Instagram, you’ll see all of the books that Melissa Hartwig from Whole30 has been reading. I’m working through several of her recommendations now including The Vanishing Year, Everything I Never Told You + The Book of Speculation.

I also plan to read Big Little Lies since everyone on the internet seems to be reading it.

I live for heartbreaking love stories. Seriously, the more tears, the better. If I Stay, The Fault in Our Stars + Me Before You all brought the right amount of tears.

Next to tear-inducing romances, I love crime + suspense novels. I love: anything by Michael Connelly or Michael Koryta, Reconstructing Amelia, The Girl on the Train + Gone Girl. 

And #sorrynotsorry, I am a total Twihard. I know, I know. But don’t judge! 

What are your favorite [non-spiritual] books?