I’ll admit: celebration has never been my strength. When I sat with this [after being asked for the billionth time what I do to celebrate] the reason became clear.

When you don’t ever feel good enough, it’s impossible to celebrate.


Ugh. This whole “not good enough” mindset is truly a curse. It quite literally keeps you stuck, unhappy and feeling not good enough. It sucks the joy out of each and every moment. Because no matter how amazing the moment is, you’ll always find a reason why it’s good but not good enough.

And who celebrates not good enough? No one, that’s who.

This morning I rolled out my yoga mat and practiced yoga – for 18 minutes. My first thought was: “How pathetic. I can’t believe you only lasted 18 minutes.” Luckily I was able to catch my inner mean girl and shut her down. I was resting on the mat and allowed myself to believe that those 18 minutes were perfect. They were exactly right. They were everything that I needed. And the craziest thing happened – I felt joyful and proud. I gave myself permission to feel good enough and that allowed me to celebrate the moment. As a result, I felt inspired and energized to move through the rest of my day. But I am willing to bet that if I stuck with the story that I am lazy, out of shape and not enough, I would have been stopped in my tracks all day. Because misery certainly loves company.

Celebrate. The small things. The big things. Celebrate all the things.

Here are three simple ways to get the party started:

WINS LIST: Every night write out 3 wins from the day. It’s doesn’t matter what your wins are. Just get in the habit of celebrating them. Commit to this practice for 30 days – Every night. 3 wins.

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Okay, so many this one isn’t so simple. But share your celebrations! We have ourselves convinced the sharing our joy is self-centered. But it’s just the opposite. By sharing you are giving everyone around you permission to celebrate themselves too.

CELEBRATE OTHERS: There is nothing more gorgeous than women supporting other women. And it’s sometimes so much easier to celebrate others than it is ourselves. The practice of celebrating others can help you celebrate yourself. If you make celebration your default start, it will rub off on yourself without really having to try!

Get started right now! Share your celebrations in the comments below so that I can celebrate with you! You hop over to my private Facebook group + share with the amazing women in the group!