I’m talking about New York, of course!  Andrew and I spent last weekend in NYC and had a wonderful time.  I’d been feeling called back to New York (literally hearing in my meditations “Go back to NY, go back to NY…”) and one night we randomly said that we should plan a weekend trip to the city.  No joke – five minutes later I checked my email and had a message from Gabby’s team asking if I could volunteer for her Crazy Sexy Miracles event.  Thank you universe!!!  Clearly I was meant to go to NYC right away.

We drove in the morning of Crazy Sexy Miracles and I headed right there – after a quick recharge at Gingersnaps Organic!  I had the portobello reuben wrap and it was heavenly.  (I may have also indulged in a donut hole!)

photo (3)IMG_2464

The event was amazing.  I was able to meet in-person some blogging pals like Meg and a fellow rockstar, Sam.  It was energizing to spend a few hours with other Spirit Junkies gearing up for the event.  One of my hopes for 2014 is to be of higher service and it started by volunteering for Gabby.  

It was super powerful to be in the room with 800+ people listening to Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr talk about intentions, meditation, healthy habits, and sharing personal stories.  

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Here are some of my biggest takeaways:

Work that faith muscle like a full-time job.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby urged us to have a constant dialogue with our ~ing (inner guide, spirit, God, Buddha, universe – whatever works for you).  Ask (pray), listen (meditate), and trust (believe in the voice of your ~ing).  Our fear comes from a separation from our ~ing and love wins when you are one with your ~ing.

Joy is the medicine.” ~Kris Carr

(And maybe some green juice!)  It is easy to overlook the importance of joy – especially in the daily grind.  The more joy you have in your life, the more joy you create in the world, and the better your life will be.  It’s easier to manage stress, problem-solve, fight illness, and feel energized when you are joyful.  This is an area that I know I need to focus on.  Gratitude and joy go hand in hand.  I am committed to finding and experiencing more joy in the small, daily moments.  A great example is my daily commute.  I often spend 4+ hours commuting each day and it is really easy to default into a place of road rage and frustration.  But if I flip it, I can see that I have 4 hours each day to listen to my favorite music, work through my “must read” list, catch up with friends on the phone, and listen to inspiring podcasts.  Joy.

Stars don’t compare themselves to other stars and there is room in the universe for all the stars.” ~Kris Carr

How good is this?!  We need to stop comparing ourselves to others.  We are all exactly where we are meant to be and there is room for us all to be great.  Celebrate the successes of those around you.  Be true to yourself.  Honor your uniqueness.  “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” ~Yogi Bhajan

It’s not for my vanity, it’s for my vitality.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein

This topic really resonated with me.  It’s this belief that keeps me motivated and connected to my spiritual and wellness path.  Meditation, yoga, and a gluten-free/dairy-free diet isn’t about being trendy or losing weight for me.  It truly is about feeling healthy, strong, and energized.  When I focus on that it is easy to say no to the cookies in the office and the coffee at brunch, get off the couch to workout, and build time in my day for a dedicated meditation practice.

We started and ended the night with a meditation from Gabby’s upcoming book, Miracles Now.  The power in the room was incredible as we all closed our eyes and spent a few minutes breathing together.  I was able to connect with Gabby after the event and loved every minute of our talk.  She is such an inspiration to me.


It was super fun to meet Rachel and Bex after the event.  They started a Facebook group earlier this month for a supportive network of sugar detoxers.  I love their group because everyone is encouraged to make their own rules.  Some of people are removing all forms of sugar (even fruit!), some are removing processed foods and refined sugars, and everything in between.  We’re sharing our successes, set-backs, trigger foods, cravings, and swapping recipes.


The rest of the weekend was just as energizing as Crazy Sexy Miracles.  Andrew and I had no plans and just let the city guide us which was liberating.  And Andrew was a total team player and indulged in my need for green juice at every turn!  We had a breakfast to rival all other breakfasts.  You’ll have to trust me on this one because I was too excited to remember to take a picture. #badblogger.  We went to Ellary’s Greens for brunch and I ordered scrambled eggs with kale, a giant salad, and sweet potato home fries.  Seriously – this was love at first sight.  (I loved it so much that we went back again on Sunday!)  My plate was overflowing with greens and I was basking in the glow of the gluten-free, dairy-free goodness.  And, of course, I got a green juice to go!  Not to worry, it wasn’t only about the juice.  Andrew was able to spend some quality time in a retro video game store talking video game history and looking through vintage games and equipment.


The entire weekend was about connection, joy, and ease.  For some, the streets of New York might be overwhelming, loud, and exhausting.  For me, they quite literally make me feel brand new.