This isn’t my normal type of post. But this isn’t a normal type of time. This is an #ApocalypseNow type of time. This is a time for waking up. Rising up. Speaking up. 

And, if you’re the definition of an introvert like me, it is an overwhelming and scary time. We want to wake up. Rise up. And speak up. But it can be so, so, so hard for us. It’s terrifying. Exhausting. Foreign. And so we can give up before we’ve even started.

But that’s not a good enough reason not to wake up, rise up and speak up. We can’t hide behind our introverted ways. Because there is too much at stake right now.


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As Marianne Williamson said, “We know who Donald Trump is going to be. The real question is who are we going to be?” 

Are we going to be silent? Or are we going to speak our truth?
Are we going to walk the line? Or are we going to hold the line?

You don’t need to be leading a march or shouting from the rooftop to be an activist. Here are a few simple ways to rise up:


American Civil Liberties Union

Standing Rock

Planned Parenthood


Write Your Officials

There has been a push to call elected officials or Trump companies to voice your concerns. If you’re not comfortable calling (#introvertproblems), write them – often.

Grab these free postcards and write your officials. You can find the address for your Senators here.

Use Social Media

Can’t find your own words to describe how you are feeling? Retweet, regram, and share Facebook posts. You don’t need to figure out exactly how to express yourself. Allow the words, images and feelings of others to speak for you until you find your own words. 

Stay Informed

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I know it’s tempting to cover your eyes and ears and go to your happy place. But the thing is, your happy place is at risk. And burying your head won’t actually make you feel any better. Instead, read the posts, listen to the interviews, watch the images from the protects and marches.

Virtually attend Marianne Williamson’s event, SISTER GIANT next week. SISTER GIANT will bring together progressive spiritual and political voices for deep discussion about the state of our country and ways to help move it in a more enlightened direction.

Don’t Give Up

I get it. It’s a lot. Like a lot a lot. Each day seems worse than the day before. But it’s just getting started. And so are we. And this is a marathon, not a sprint. So rise up but also take care of yourself. Unplug. Spend some time in your happy place. But come back. Keep showing up. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. And it is going to take all of us. Every day. In our own ways. We the people.

How are you going to rise up and hold the line?