This rings so true in my life.  My journey to spirited well-being started in 2013 with a simple wish to feel better and the knowledge that there had to be a better way to live.  Last year was my warm up: stretching my health and happiness muscles, building the foundation for my coaching business, and a focus on deep mind and body healing.  And that brings me to this moment – the beginning days of 2015.  This year is going to be phenomenal for us – I can feel it in my bones and every cell of my body.

Looking back

I started 2014 in a very different way.  Instead of making endless (and hopeless) lists of resolutions and setting myself up for guaranteed failure, I made a list of un-resolutions with my help of my friend, Megan McGrane.  I focused on what had been working for me in 2013 and committed to continuing the good work in 2014.  This list – my ‘Feel My Best‘ list transformed my life.  Did I follow my list 100% of the time for the past 365 days?  No.  But I did practice these items more often than not and whenever I found myself feeling off in 2014 I went back to this list and checked-in with myself.  I also checked-in with you one month in and at the halfway mark.

Feeling My Best (2014)

  1. Drink a lot of water
  2. Have green smoothies for breakfast
  3. Meditate each day
  4. Unplug and read…an actual book
  5. Practice radical self-forgiveness
  6. Do yoga several times a week
  7. Stop grains and ‘cheats’ (you know…”just one bite”…) [I borrowed this one from Megan’s list!]
  8. Spend quality time with Andrew and Scout
  9. Take my supplements
  10. Get more sleep
  11. Keep my home, car, and office free of clutter
  12. Drink herbal tea
  13. Spend time cooking healthy meals
  14. Limit my sugar intake (even the “good” stuff – raw honey, maple syrup, and bananas)

Reflecting back on 2014 I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  Ever.  I truly did feel my best in 2014.  Did I feel the best that I can feel?  No.  Mind and body healing is definitely a marathon.  But I came such a long way last year.  The days and weeks that I felt like a rockstar were the times when I was sticking true to this list.  I was able to figure out what my non-negotiables are – the things that have the biggest impact and that I commit to no matter what.  And I know the items that need a little special attention in 2015 (sleep and movement).

This approach to “resolutions” was a game changer for me.  And the best thing about it is that you can get started today.  Tomorrow.  In 3 months.  Whenever you feel called to.  Spend some time thinking about what you are already doing that makes you feel vibrant, happy, engaged, and joyful.  Write them down and do more of what is already working for you.  Why add more “to-do” items to your plate that end up feeling like chores when you can simply do what you’re already doing with more focus?!  Try it and share some of the items on your ‘Feel My Best’ list in the comments!

Looking ahead


This is my year to shine.  This is your year to shine.  Let’s shine together and light up the world around us!  One of the ways to shine is to feel great.  I’m committed to my ‘Feel My Best’ list as a lifestyle.  This year I’ve added another layer by working my way through The Desire Map.  I just wrapped up the workbook this week and identified my core desired feelings.  I’m over the moon to share the experience with you in a post (stay tuned) because it was radical.  I’m combining my ‘Feel My Best’ list with my core desired feelings to thrive in 2015.  And my strategy is to simplify.  Focus on my desires and the small handful of things that make me feel my best.  I’m devoting time each week to thinking about how I want to feel and what actions small and large I can take to feel that way.  And then I’m following through.

This is a year of action.

It’s game time.  (Can you feel it?)