A few weeks ago on the blog I shared that I was reading Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell.  OMG – this book is beyond words.  I haven’t been moved so deeply by a book since the magical moment I opened Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles.

My eyes filled with tears reading Rebecca’s Rise Sister Rise words in the opening pages.  She was speaking directly to my soul and instantly I was transported into Rebecca’s light-filled vortex.

This is not just a book.  It is an invitation to living in the light.  To answering your soul’s calling.  To showing up and serving the world.

Come out of the masses.  Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light. — Osho

4 tools for embracing your light

  1. Your Inner Guru Knows Best.   Your inner guru is that (often) ignored voice inside your head and your gut.  It’s always there and always talking to you.  Your inner guru is your greatest teacher.  And the best gurus help you connect to the guru within.  Your light is waiting to be turned on and your inner guru can flip the switch.  Your work is to make time EVERY SINGLE DAY to listen to your own voice.  Go for a walk in nature.  Meditate.  Dance.  Write.  Pray.  Practice yoga.  Run.  Ask yourself what your inner voice is saying.  And actually listen for the answer.
  2. Start Before You’re Ready.  I recently wrote about this topic so it is definitely near and dear to my heart.  Your light is peeking through the shadows because it is always on.  It just needs you to make space for it.  And acknowledge it.  In order to truly embrace your light and show up for your soul’s calling you need to start.  You will never feel ready simply by waiting.  When your inner guru speaks up it is your responsibility to show up.
  3. Your Tribe’s Waiting For You.  This is one of my favorite lessons from the book.  As a perfectionist, I’ve had a hard time launching my coaching business because I haven’t felt like I had a perfect sense of my ideal client.  Everyone I know says that the first thing you must do before launching is fully understand your ideal client.  And for me that has been a struggle because I get caught up in how to measure that.  These words spoke directly to that part of me and freed me from the pressure: “Don’t fret too much about trying to work out who your tribe is.  Don’t get stuck in age, income level, hobbies, and occupation.  The best way to discover your tribe is actually to look in the mirror” (Rebecca Campbell, Light is the New Black).
  4. Show up and Shine.  You can embrace your light by allowing it to shine.  It doesn’t matter how far it shines, how many people see it, or how intense it is.  A flicker is all you need.  And know that the only permission you need is your own.  Embrace your light by showing up for it.  Follow what lights you up – regardless of your job.  What fills you with pure joy?  How can you show up for that daily?  Shining your light will give others permission to shine and one by one we will light up the world.  You don’t actually have to do anything.  You just have to be the light.  Be yourself in joy.  Allow love and forgiveness to move through you.  Carry kindness in your heart.  Just show up for yourself and shine on!