I am not a body. I am free.

Recently one of my May Cause Miracles clients was working through chapter 3:

B O D Y  I M A G E.

Everyone who reads MCM finds THE week – the week that they resist, the week that they struggle through, the week that stirs all of their “stuff” up to the surface.  And for many of us, that week is body image.  I wish that this weren’t the case because it means that, for many of us, we don’t feel at home in our bodies.  Our false perception of our body hijacks our life and we feel powerless to stop it. (more…)

How Jordan Younger found balance and health in Breaking Vegan


A little over a year ago I had no idea who The Blonde Vegan (Jordan Younger) was when I read an article on Well + Good that highlighted her experience sharing that she was no longer a vegan and had also been suffering from orthorexia.  I was in tears while reading her experience of being viscously attacked online, threatened, and judged.  I couldn’t understand the reaction to Jordan and simply don’t tolerate such hate.

I then watched in wonder as Jordan bravely stood in her truth and transitioned her business to The Balanced Blonde.  The attacks seemed constant and I’m not sure that I would have been able to manage them with so much grace. (more…)

Make Your Own Rules Cookbook {with bonus recipe}

My love for Tara Stiles runs deep.  My entire perspective on yoga, comparison, and my body shifted when I took my first Strala class.  I soaked up the Make Your Own Rules philosophy like a sponge.  I had built my life on the foundation of rules and Tara challenged me to rethink that completely.  While disorienting at first, it was ultimately liberating.

Making your own rules is about tuning into your own body, mind, and soul and allowing your “rules” to be formed by intuition and desire.  And your rules are completely fluid.  Maybe today you meditate for 20 minutes and go to hot yoga and tomorrow you sleep in and eat cookies.  Your rules (aka your life) are yours to make and yours to break.  The boundaries are entirely up to you.  Play and exploration are encouraged.  Happiness and freedom are the goal. (more…)

Spirited Guest: 5 tips for mindful eating

I have a special treat for you this week!  I asked my friend, Ali Katz, from A to Zen Meditation and Coaching to help ease us into the holiday season with her best tips for mindful eating.  If there is one thing we could all use more of during the holidays, it’s mindfulness!  I love the tools Ali is sharing and hope that they serve you.  Be sure to ask questions in the comments and share your mindful eating successes or challenges so that Ali and I can support you.  I now leave you in Ali’s expert care. (more…)

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Giveaway + Discount

I am some awesome news for you!  I recently shared how much I love Good Medicine Beauty Lab and now I’ve partnered with them to bring you an amazing giveaway!  Enter by October 30th for one of five possible prizes.  And if you simply can’t wait for the giveaway, use the code ‘spirited‘ at checkout to receive 15% off anything Good Medicine. (more…)

To teach is to learn

I was ready.

I warmed up the room by sitting and meditating.  Mantra music was playing in the background.  I had affirmation cards on all of the chairs.  I picked out and practiced the most amazing meditations for the night. (more…)

I could see peace instead of this

Today is my birthday and I’m reflecting on the last year and setting my intentions for the year to come.  Previously I’ve shared 32 things that I knew to be true on my birthday and my lesson last year: It’s never about what it’s about.  It’s always about you.

Yesterday I was sitting down to write my birthday post and my mind went blank.  I know that I’ve learned so many important lessons this year but I couldn’t find the words.  After some time staring at the blank computer screen (and watching Homeland) I decided to step away from the computer and trust that inspiration would come.

I opened up A Course in Miracles for my daily lesson and decided to turn to lesson 34.  Boom.  Inspiration received.

I could see peace instead of this. Lesson 34, A Course in Miracles


It’s time for some Good Medicine

I love sharing all things wellness with you and right now I am loving the lotions and potions from Good Medicine Beauty Lab.  They sent me an amazing box o’goodies a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight (and smell).


goodmedicine_logo_lg_1439931878__30791These products are special.  They are handcrafted in small batches using incredible ingredients and are bottled in tinted glass containers.  I love how rich, calming, and intoxicating each product smells.  And you can tell that they are naturally scented – there is nothing fake about these products. (more…)

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